The joy of a cardboard box

We collected loads of cardboard boxes this weekend. Preparation for the big move. They're neatly stacked in the corner of my dining room, untouched. I can see them when I sit on the floor playing with Ollie, encouraging him to crawl. I can see them from where I sit on my PC, idly browsing through Facebook. I can see them from the sofa when I'm sat watching Downton Abbey on catch-up.

I'm procrastinating. I don't want to start packing yet. It seems like too much of a task. And whilst I procrastinate, those boxes are there to remind me. It's irrational, but I hate those boxes.

Usually though, I quite like boxes. They represent a world of possibilities. They're great for imaginary play and I've lost count of how many cars, trains and houses I have built from them for Lily. My creations are hardly worthy of pinterest but they're great fun.

My favourite cardboard box renovation was a joint project one afternoon earlier this year. It was a Saturday, my husband and I were home, Lily was in bed for an afternoon nap and Ollie was sleeping. I was shattered. I should have gone to bed myself, but instead, Matt and I spent a couple of hours building 'Lily's Shop'

It started out simply enough. We'd had a delivery of nappies and had boxes left over. Lily was playing shop and I looked at the boxes, grabbed a pair of scissors and some tape and got to work.

Then Matt got involved and it began to get out of control. We raided the craft cupboard, we used paints, crayons, pens and tissue paper.

And we had SO MUCH FUN.

Possibly even more fun than Lily had playing with when she woke up!

In fact, I still have it. In the loft. It's not great, but I felt too sad about throwing it away. I guess now I will have to be ruthless, I don't really want to pack it up and take it with me.

But, it occurs to me that we'll have a lot more boxes to play with after the move. So maybe it won't be too bad afterall... silver linings?

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Unknown said...

WOW AMAZING! Please sell these on etsy! #MMWBH

ERFmama said...

This is so awesome! We LOVE boxes here as well, having cats I tend to keep them around, but large boxes (like from car seats) I tend to fold flat since I use them for travel, but the kids love to use them as slides down the stairs.... mwahaha
That a long with a mattress on top and they have it going for hours.


Our Cherry Tree said...

Haha! Thank you :) sadly not good enough for etsy (it did start to go a little lopsided at the end of the day) but I'm glad you like it!

Our Cherry Tree said...

That's a great idea!!! I might have to do that myself!

Unknown said...

aw that's a fantastic idea... love the cardboard box creations, so cute! well, it doesn't have to cost a fortune to get this kids enjoy and have fun, aren't they? #brillblogposts

Unknown said...

That is AMAZING!!!!!! Who needs bought toys when you can have a fantastic personalised shop like that?! Totally fab :) I've made the boys a castle out of a huge box before but I totally love the shop idea :) Genius! Thanks for linking up with us on #TwinklyTuesday :)

Our Cherry Tree said...

Thank you!
Oooo, I think I'll have to try a castle. Some friends made a giant cardboard box castle a while back, they even built in a drawbridge... x

Our Cherry Tree said...

Thanks for stopping by! It is true what they say, kids are quite happy playing with an empty box! x

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