9 Childhood films that STILL creep me out!

I do love a scary film. Especially supernatural ones where you can't actually see the scary being - it's not scary when you actually see a man dressed up in dodgy make-up and horns (I'm looking at you Annabelle).

However, it's the films that you don't expect to be scary that leave a lasting impression on your mind.

At the moment I'm busy introducing Lily and Ollie to some of my childhood favourites. I've re-discovered my love for Who Framed Roger Rabbit and cringed whilst watching the first of the Harry Potter films (the acting definitely got better as it went along).

Obviously, most films have a slightly scary or sinister protagonist, a baddie or a bit in the dark with a serious soundtrack. For those parts I'm there with Lily, explaining any fears away if needed. I have been surprised at how she's not really bothered by bits that I would expect to bother her a little bit.

But then there are some films that I hesitate to introduce Lily to, not just because I think she will be scared but because there are definitely scenes that still scare the crap out of me!

Bekonscot Model Village

I can't believe how quickly the summer holidays have passed! I was worried at the start that we wouldn't have enough to do, but I'll admit that there have been a lot of pyjama cinema days in our home.

It has been busy, we've had some great play dates, visits and more than a few hospital appointments for Lily's broken arm. Healing took less time than expected and she had the wires removed under general anaesthetic last week! Hooray!

In the meantime, Lily had her first ever trip to Selhurst Park to watch the football with Daddy, met Pete the Eagle and had Jason Puncheon sign her cast. We decided that, at 2, Ollie is still a bit young for a stadium visit and so I stayed locally with him and visited somewhere I've wanted to go for ages - Bekonscot Model Village.

Morwellham Quay

For families, there is always plenty to do if you are living or staying in Devon. You tend to have the moors or the beach on your doorstep, fantastic cities to shop in and a wide range of attractions wherever you go.

Despite having lived in Devon for eight years there are still plenty of places I haven't yet visited - and plenty that I am desperate to visit again having enjoyed it when I was younger.

One of those that I was excited to visit again was Morwellham Quay.

Morwellham is an historic site on the Devon-side of the border with Cornwall and is packed full of fun, interactive history displays and activities.

Fixing Lily

Usually a trip to Ruislip Lido, with it's fun lakeside beach, splash pad and train rides is an instant winner in our home.

But not so this Sunday when we went for a walk, brunch and a play on the beach. Unfortunately, Lily was held back - by her healing arm, or fear of hurting her arm again, from doing all the things she'd normally want to do.

And it may sound a tad dramatic, but it broke my heart.

Dawlish Warren

It already seems like a lifetime away, but a couple of weeks ago we were in Devon for a little holiday, staying with family and friends.

No trip to Devon would be complete without a trip to the beach and we certainly made the most of the lovely weather earlier in our visit with a day trip to nearby Dawlish Warren.

My Mum lives near to St Thomas in Exeter and so we caught the train from there direct to the station at the beach. It was both quicker and cheaper than I thought it would be and the journey itself is always rather nice - it wasn't just the kids who enjoyed looking out over the water at the boats as we sped along.

A confession: I don't like gin

I'm almost worried about admitting this out loud. But here goes.

I don't like gin.

At all.

I like the idea of gin. Gin cocktails. Pink gin. Mums-who-drink-gin. Gin bars. Gin festivals.

But the reality of actually drinking the stuff makes me gag.

Lily's Broken Arm

Last week we enjoyed a week in Devon, half of it was spent with my Mum and Sister who live in Exeter and the rest was spent with friends in nearby Teignmouth.

On the Thursday my friend and I took our children to a local attraction which included a small soft play area.

We then planned to take a train ride, maybe visit the model village and go to the play park. We could have stopped for some lunch or coffee, grabbed some ice creams and had a pleasant afternoon. But, alas, it was not meant to be and Lily landed badly on her arm going down a slide and after being checked out by the lovely and kind staff on hand at Trago, were advised to go to Newton Abbot Minor Injuries Unit for an x-ray.

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