Chessington World of Adventures

When I planned Ollie's second birthday treat I really wanted to take him to CBeebies Land at Alton Towers using our Merlin Passes. Unfortunately we decided that it was a tad too far for a journey there and back in one day and staying over was out of budget.

I would say it was a shame, but with so many other Merlin attractions in easy reach we decided to head to one of our favourites - Chessington World of Adventures, where we could try out the new and exciting Gruffalo River Ride.

We decided to go on Friday when Matt had the day off work and got there soon after opening. Parking wasn't a problem and we were quite close to the entrance of the park. There was no waiting as we went straight in with our passes after a quick security check and headed straight to the new ride.

The most disgusting things I've done as a Mum

Today, I stepped out of the shower, grabbed the first towel I saw and used it to dry my face.


What's that smell?

A few more sniffs of the towel reveal all.

OMG. I just wiped my face with a dirty towel.

Mother's Day Wishlist

I find that I can't decide whether I 'buy-in' to Mother's Day. I don't need to be given some expensive flowers or taken for a meal in a very busy restaurant surrounded by other Mums to know that my children love me. I resent the idea of our precious family funds being spent on random gifts for me just because retailers tell my husband he should.


As a Mum, appreciation can be pretty thin on the ground and now I'm no longer working the days can feel pretty relentless.

So selling me a day where I can relax, put my feet up and open a lovingly-picked gift could actually go down quite well. A special day, a special gift or flowers to say 'thank you'.

And when it comes to gifts, there are some on my Pinterest boards that I've had my eye on for some time... If money was no object!

So, if you're looking for some ideas (or you're my husband, have secretly come into some cash and would like to push the boat out this Mother's Day) here is what is on my wish list.

Things I've learnt as a Mum of Two

Ollie turned 2 at the beginning of the month and if I'm honest, I still find it quite surprising that I'm a Mum of two. I'm not a super mum by any means but we get by with the help of plenty of cake.

Here are some lessons I have learnt over the last two years.

It's like starting over...
Because each child is so different you have no baseline for comparison. It doesn't matter when your first child crawled/walked/talked - the second will do it in their own time. They won't like the same foods when weaning. They won't fall into the same sleep routine. They won't like the same TV programmes.

You need to get to know this little person and what makes them tick, from the start.

Compassion, not ginger - my Hyperemesis story

If, after six months of vomiting, endless nausea, dehydration and fatigue your health care professional laughs outright and tells you to 'try eating ginger', how would you feel?

Because that is what me, and hundreds of other woman have to face when they suffer from hyperemesis gravidarum, or, if you've never had it then you may know it as 'the-morning-sickness-that-Kate-Middleton-had'.

Is it not surprising in 2017 so many people have never heard of a significant sickness that affects so many pregnant women? You'd think that at least our doctors and midwives would be better informed, more knowledgeable about treatments and most importantly, more understanding.

The sickness in my second pregnancy kicked in about eight weeks. It started slowly, throwing up a little food once or twice a day but by 16 weeks I struggled to keep down food or liquids. It was obviously worse than my first pregnancy (which was bad enough) and there were days when even swallowing my own saliva would trigger the vomiting. I couldn't work, I couldn't parent my child, most days I could do nothing except lie in bed.

Review - London Eye with Toddlers

It is nearly a year since we purchased our Merlin Annual Passes. They were a gift from a family member and although it was a lot to pay up front (we bought Premium Passes in the sale) I am so pleased we did - they have been worth the money and more!

Our passes run out in the summer and we're not sure yet whether we'll be able to afford to renew them so we're definitely making the most of them whilst we can. Last month we visited the lovely Warwick Castle and have trips planned later this month to Alton Towers and Chessington World of Adventures.

Of all the attractions offered with the pass, I had already been to the London Eye a few times and so wasn't desperate to do it again. However, Matt had never been and we thought it'd be a good excuse to visit London for the first time in a while.