Christmas 2018... The one where things did go well

After concentrating on the things that went wrong in my last post, I wanted to re-cap the wonderful things about this Christmas.

Despite beating myself up for not being the ideal wife, mother and hostess of my dreams, I did enjoy much of Christmas and advent this year and, as always, I wish to record the best bits both for me and the kids to look back on one day.

Each Christmas contains the same elements - trees, presents, food, fun but I don't want to lose sight of the unique events and activities that will always make this particular Christmas different to othersDecember has been an incredibly busy month and there has been a lot to record!

A Festive Failure

By 9am on Christmas Eve I was in tears. Overwhelmed by the knowledge of being imperfect, floored by a comment made by a friend about their ‘perfect wife’.

My Christmas Eve wasn’t going to be the relaxed, festive affair that I’d planned. After months of planning and organisation, I still wasn’t ready. There were things to buy, a home to prepare, things to do, places to go.

And I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t perfect. This wasn’t the ‘perfect’ Christmas I’d hoped for.

I blame the Christmas adverts I was subjected to as a kid. The luscious and extravagant parties, towering pyramids of Ferraro Rocher, laughing adults with glasses of champagne.