What's On for Toddlers in High Wycombe - Summer Holidays

It's the Summer Holidays! A time that I approach with a combination of excitement and apprehension because all the usual toddler groups stop for the break and everywhere is extra busy and over-run with school age children enjoying their freedom.

Luckily, if you live in Wycombe there does seem to be a lot of activities still available for babies and pre-schoolers - all free or reasonably priced. And even luckier for you, as a reader of my blog - I've done my best to collate the activities into this bumper list!

It's by no means exhaustive but I'm happy to update this list if you spot a great activity for young children that I have missed off the list - just pop it into the comments below and I'll get it added in.


Of course, there is a range of children's activities and my usual 'go to' places like the many parks, libraries and soft play centres in the surrounding area. Below, I've concentrated on highlighting specific events or venues which may have escaped your notice!

All change please, all change

This is it.

Lily's last 'proper' week as a pre-schooler.

She'll attend her last pre-school session, her last Mum and Toddler's morning, her last proper 'coffee break' and her last Bounce and Rhyme at the library.

We'll have our summer break and then it's time for the next bunch of 'firsts'.

Buying School Uniform

How is it July already? This year seems to be racing by and each week takes us closer to Lily starting school in September.

I like to be organised and have everything in place early so have already started researching school uniform and buying items as I go. As part of my research I'm asking friends for advice, turning to my Mum for tips and scouring the internet for uniform comparison guides.

And I thought I'd share my findings with you, because I'm nice like that.

Here are my top 11 tips for buying school uniform.

Where to buy

You will need to buy logo items from the school-recommended store and they'll often have other items available to purchase. They'll help you with fitting and ensuring that you buy the right uniform for your school requirements. However, you can also buy generic, non-logo items from other retailers and shop around.

Primary School Places - What happened next?

Unless you're the parent of a child starting school in September, it's likely that Tuesday 18th April passed you by unnoticed. In previous years I have shown a slight interest in friends and family being offered primary school places but always assumed that the process was simple and straightforward. You picked a school in your local area, you get that school, right?

It was only last year that the reality of the situation hit me. You don't choose your child's school.

The county council computer picks your child's school.