New Home Ideas - Kitchen and Dining Room

On Saturday I shared with you my ideas for our new living room and I'm really quite excited about having separate rooms instead of our current open plan space. I love to cook and bake but hate the tiny kitchen we have at the moment. When we move we'll have a larger new kitchen and dining room - with a new cooker and even a dishwasher (that swung the deal for me, I detest washing up) and so I'm really looking forward to all the culinary delights (ahem) that I'll be creating (we can hope).

When it comes to my dream home, I'm inspired by vintage-style kitchens with pastel colours and a homely style. I love Cath Kidston designs and fabrics and have a slight obsession with pretty bunting and

Mugs by Cath Kidston at Temptation Gifts, Clock by DotComGiftShop
The cupboards are white, which add to the bright and airy feel in the room, making it feel even bigger and making it easier to add accessories. I like the idea of mixing and matching different patterns and adding in pretty touches.
Butter Dish by DotComGiftShop, Scales at Casafina, Dish from Dunelm Mill
I love Cornishware, with it's beautiful pastel stripes, and if we have the space would love to buy a secondhand dresser or cabinet to upcycle for one of the two alcoves in the room. Then I'd be able to add the bunting! However, I love the idea of making or upcycling loads of things, and never seem to have the time (or skills) to actually do it! 
Teapot by Susie Watson Designs, Chair by Molly Meg, other items by Cath Kidston or DotComGiftShop
Talking of projects that I'm unlikely to finish, I also plan to buy one or two cork memo boards which I can customise and use to display the children's artwork. At the moment Lily's masterpieces go on the fridge, but with an undercounter fridge and freezer at the new place I think it's time for a slightly smarter arrangement. Watch this space.

Stay tuned to see more of my new home decor ideas in the next week or so, and in the meantime you can cheat by looking ahead at my Pinterest boards!

Super Busy Mum

Ethan & Evelyn
Life-As-Mum said...

I love your choices. Your new kitchen looks lovely xx

Unknown said...

Lovely kitchen! We've got white glossy cupboards too in our kitchen, I never regret a thing for choosing it as I thought it will just be covered with dirt so easily but the brightness and airy feel it brings makes a massive difference. Thanks for sharing! #FabFridayPost

Our Cherry Tree said...

Thank you! I'm very excited about having a new kitchen to work with.x

Our Cherry Tree said...

Thank you! Our new landlord has just put it all in and I'm hoping the glossy cupboards are easy to clean :) it's a nice blank canvas to start from.x

Su said...

How exciting! This is going to be a room where I would like to spend all my time in. I really getting a good vibe from all the pastel colours and light decorations. I am also wanting to design my own home. You have just inspired me. Thank you for this and Thank you very much for linking up with me. #FabFridayPost

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