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I used to love shopping. I'd even 'pop down to Oxford Street' whilst at uni. Just to mooch around Topshop at Oxford Circus. Now, I couldn't even fit into clothes from Topshop. I don't even want to try for fear of getting stuck in an item of clothing and having to ask a trendily-dressed 14 year old to help undo a zip...
This is why I hate clothes shopping, by Social What Nots
In recent years I have really fallen out with shopping for myself. Shopping for pleasure? I'd even go so far as to say I hate it.

- I hate the pressure of finding something 'new'. I have no idea what is 'fashionable' and dread shopping with friends or family who always attempt to persuade me to 'buy something colourful'. I don't like colourful clothes. I like clothing that is black. Like my soul.

- I hate changing rooms. They always feel so claustrophobic. I feel rushed, panicked, when trying on clothes and hate undressing, trying on and then dressing again. It feels like a lot of effort for little return.

- I hate the mirrors. I definitely do not want to view every inch of post-pregnancy flab from every angle. Even when I was younger, slimmer and more confident than I am now, I still didn't relish the thought of seeing my arse reflected back at me hundreds of times over.

How I feel when trying on anything.
- I hate the queues. I know I'm British and so should love queuing. But standing in one for 15 minutes on a busy Saturday is enough to make me put down the only item in the shop that I like and go home to buy it online instead.

So, it's a good thing I don't ever get to shop on my own anyway. Now I have the kids I find it's best to forgo shopping altogether, and just purchase stuff online. Thing is, I really struggle to find items that I like, that I think suit my current lifestyle, and yet still make me feel just the teeniest bit stylish. And that's if I can actually afford clothes for myself, which is rare.

But. Next week it is my birthday. And my lovely Mummy has treated me to a reasonable budget for 'treating myself'. So, I thought it would be a nice idea to just shop for myself. To maybe buy the more expensive items I can't usually splash out on. To clear out my wardrobe and build a capsule wardrobe suitable for a busy Mummy who prefers comfort over fashion.

Can I turn a shopping nightmare into an enjoyable treat?

I don't know. But I'm planning to try.

And I'm armed with a plan.

Thanks to the wonders of the internet. I have a list. A list which I have compiled with the advice of a thousand pins on Pinterest. This is it:

- Good foundations
Apparently, to look good in the clothes I wear on top, I need decent underwear. I'm still breastfeeding and hate my boobs right now, so am going to hunt down so decent fitting bras and some support knickers for my lumps and bumps.

- Coat and Boots
Even if I'm wearing an OK looking outfit, as soon as I put on my scuffed boots and old coat I look liked I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. This needs to change. ASAP.

Bye bye scuffed boots!
- Beauty Products
I'm not big on wearing make-up but I have a decent set of basics already. So, when out shopping for treats I'm thinking of yummy bath products and maybe some bits for taking care of my nails so I don't get fed up and sit there biting them (gross, I know).

- Jumpers, Cardigans and Hoodies
Because what I have now are beginning to fall apart a bit. And jumpers with holes in them are hardly good for boosting confidence.

- Accessories
I've been on the lookout for a statement necklace for a while, I love statement earrings (pretty studs that look nice, but can't be yanked by tiny hands) and am a huge fan of pretty scarves. I believe you can never have enough. I could also do with a warm scarf for the anticipated freezing winter weather.

- Books
Yeah, they're not clothes. But I love books and the one shop I still LOVE visiting is the one filled with them from top to bottom.

And in the meantime, I'm going to sort out my wardrobe, making sure that I only keep items that I know I will wear, and that make me feel good (or, good enough). I have some decent jeans, a couple of pairs of leggings and a few lovely v-neck or wrap-style dresses and they'll be sticking around. Everything else is heading to a charity shop near me very soon...

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Tubbs said...

Good luck with your shopping trip, I hope you find something wonderful to wear

you baby me mummy said...

My friend has recently declluttered and she read a book that said chuck out everything you don't love. I would have nothing left! Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

Something Crunchy Mummy said...

Good luck with the shopping. Shopping isn't so fun any more. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

Our Cherry Tree said...

Thank you! It isn't is it? x

Our Cherry Tree said...

That's ruthless! I think my wardrobe might be the opposite and I'd end up with nothing! x

Our Cherry Tree said...

Thank you! Fingers crossed :) x

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