Party Planning - Tropical Party Wish List

I started planning Lily's fifth birthday a while back. It's not unusual for me to start gathering ideas and inspiration months before a party or event and this year I've been swept up in planning a tropical-themed Moana party for my big girl.

Every time pay day rolls around I buy something off my wish list (which is pretty extensive). I do this logically and buy items that are either on special offer or will take a while to arrive. I don't want to miss out on good deals and I don't want to order items from eBay that will arrive after the party!

I'm working to a very tight budget this year so am hunting for props and scene setters all over the place. I'm scouring pound shops, Primark and ebay for bargains - my strategy is a fine balance between knowing when to splurge on a product and when to hold back.

Party Planning - In Action

You may have already spotted a few posts where I'm planning for Lily's fifth birthday in September. I'd originally thought about having a fairytale theme for the party but then we watched Moana and Lily asked for a Moana party.

Last year I wrote a post about how I plan events. I'm not a professional 'party planner' but have many years experience in planning both personal parties and larger scale corporate events. Following on from that post, I though I'd give you a glimpse into my plans in action.

Banish the fear

The fear that never really goes away has once again raised it's head in response to the terror attack in Manchester.

22 people dead.

59 people injured.

15 people still missing.

Pain, trauma and grief that can never be counted.

I am frightened. I'd be lying if I said otherwise.

And yet it is not just the act of terrorism that scares me.

A suitable vocation

I'd like to think I'm a pretty open-minded parent. I obviously want my children to achieve their dreams but I don't mind what that dream looks like.

I know that the career-decisions of a 5 year old will change by the time they're adults. I wanted to be a Nun. Then I nurtured dreams of becoming a journalist and even went through a very short stage where I considered becoming a Biomedical Scientist.

Review - Bounce and Rhyme, Micklefield Library

I love a good library.

Who doesn't love a good library?!

I love to read, I love discovering new books, of course I love the library.

It's something I couldn't wait to introduce Lily and Ollie to and with so many other activities being offered in our local library I'd have to be an idiot to not go along regularly.

Do I need to invite the whole class?

Plans are already underway for Lily's fifth birthday party in September. I'm currently swamped with ideas and potential products to purchase. I'm hunting down bargains, designing invitations, researching entertainment and worrying over the cake.

However, there is another aspect of party planning which concerns me this year that hasn't been a problem before.

As Lily starts school in September, will I have to invite the whole class?

At first I assumed that I should and would. I hate the thought of leaving anyone out, even if they haven't formed friendships a few weeks in.

But, added to Lily's friends and family we'd be looking at a party for over 50 children.

My child-free alter ego

Since having Lily four and a half years ago I can probably count on both hands the times I have been 'child free'.
I'll be honest, it doesn't usually bother me. I had my children because that was what I wanted from life. Giving up boozy weekends never seemed like such a sacrifice, I can watch a film on DVD instead of going to the cinema and a curry still tastes amazing when it's delivered to your house and you can eat it in your PJs whilst watching Netflix.

A lot of the time, I'm quite happy to stay in, or if I do go out, I like to do it with Matt and the kids. My family, making the most of our times together. We set aside weekends for us and don't have family near by to look after the children for the night or take them off our hands for a few hours. If we're going to have fun, we have fun together.


And this is a really BIG however.