Banish the fear

The fear that never really goes away has once again raised it's head in response to the terror attack in Manchester.

22 people dead.

59 people injured.

15 people still missing.

Pain, trauma and grief that can never be counted.

I am frightened. I'd be lying if I said otherwise.

And yet it is not just the act of terrorism that scares me.

I am terrified by the thought of being caught up in a bomb blast or losing my husband or my children. It's terrifying to think that my life could end because one small-minded person decides to deliberately run me over or spray bullets into a crowd of people.

But I'm also scared of the growing racism, intolerance and ignorance that sweeps over in the wake of such brutality.

You cannot judge a whole race or culture based on the actions of a few.

You cannot win wars with ignorance.

You cannot defeat darkness with darkness.

Anger, hatred, name-calling and plain stupidity is not going to save lives and promote peace.

Responding to such horrific behaviour by being mean and awful is just adding another to the number of nasty people walking this earth.

I can't believe the amount of comments on Social Media I have read this afternoon.

Vile, ridiculous comments about banning refugees, sending all immigrants home and 'killing all [Muslims]'. There has been name calling and already attacks in 'retribution' against the Muslim community. One comment, thankfully removed urged the government 'to send them all back to Syria to kill each other'.


It saddens me that anyone thinks hurting or mistreating innocents will stop terrorism.

Racism is as negative as extremism.

What if, instead of allowing hatred to breed further hatred and distrust, instead of allowing the darkness to spread, every single one of us decided to shine a light in the darkness?

You know, like the scene at the end of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince where the light of one wand cannot dispel the Dark Mark but the light of every student and teacher destroys it completely?

One lone bomber entered a stadium filled with people and detonated a bomb with the intention of killing and maiming as many people as possible.

Yesterday and today:
Off-duty medical staff went into work or offered their services
So many people offered to give blood that some were turned away
Members of the public gave food and drink to police officers working at the scene
Taxi drivers took people to safety, free of charge
Homeless men cared for children, cradled the injured and comforted the dying
Adults injured at the event refused treatment so that children could be helped first
Strangers stepped forward to help kids and keep them safe
Restaurants, bars and cafes offered free drinks to the emergency services
Fast food delivery businesses provided free food for NHS staff
Hotels opening their doors to provide shelter and comfort
Strangers from all over the country, different parts of the world, pledging money to support victims of the attack

So yes, I am scared. I am worried about the world we live in today.


I am also thankful for every single person in the world who is doing something kind right now for another human being.

I am grateful for the emergency services and NHS staff.

I am comforted by knowledge that for every sick, disgusting person in our world, there are those out there actively working to shine a light in the darkness.

Real Mum Reviews
Heidi Brown said...

Life is very scary in this day and age, I am scared for me and I am scared for my children. I agree with everything you say and there are always more wonderful, kind people doing the right thing and as much as I like to keep hold of this thought, it doesnt take away the fear that Just one sick, disturbed individual can snuff out a life, mine,my childs or another innocent person without a second thought, at any time. #humpdaylinky

Lucy said...

Whenever something bad like this happen I always try and focus on the good. The way manchester rallied round after this attack was completely humbling. #HumpDayLinky

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