Fixing winter skin with the #MyAquaphor Challenge

Winter has well and truly hit High Wycombe in the last couple of weeks. The school run has turned from a pleasurable meander in the pale Autumn sunlight into a cold and miserable scurry in the rain and even I'm thinking of purchasing a bobble hat to keep my ears warm as I walk to school and back a few times everyday.

Winter is particularly tough on skin. As a family we struggle with dry, cracked and sore skin on our hands and faces and it can be hard to find products to help.

Perhaps, I'm just fussy, but when it comes to a cream I can use on my hands and dry skin it has to meet certain criteria:

Ketchup to the rescue! My son's obsession with the red stuff

I like to think that my kids are reasonably well balanced when it comes to food. They eat a good amount of fruit and vegetables, they love to help themselves to a well-stocked salad bar at Harvester or Pizza Hut and can usually be persuaded to try something new. At the same time, I'm not militant when it comes to sweets and treats and am happy for them to have small amounts of chocolate and cake.

So, in my parenting bubble where everything can often seem challenging and overwhelming, food is one area which I don't stress too much about.

Until recently, that is.

Recently, I have began to feel a little bit insulted by the overuse of tomato ketchup at mealtimes.

City Break - Rome Day 2

This is the second part in a post about our recent trip to Rome without the kids. It was the first chance Matt and I had to get abroad together since our honeymoon and, despite being on a budget and missing the kids, we were determined to make the most of it.
You can read the first part here. Or read on to find out all about how we got on for Day 2, our only full day spent in the Eternal City...