What better customer service looks like - an update about Just Eat

Earlier this month a bad experience of ordering a takeaway via Just Eat turned into a scary experience when the aggressive delivery driver tried to force his way into our home after giving us a refund.

Distressed by the experience, I immediately contacted Just Eat via their online chat service. I felt that this was more serious than a complaint about cold and disgusting food - it was about the safety of customers and the complete disregard of the restaurant.

My 2017 Wishlist

"What would you like for your birthday?"

I don't know about you, but I always find it really difficult to think of something when people ask me this question.

I'm geeky, fussy, thrifty and notoriously indecisive.

So whenever I do find something nice, it's usually too expensive, hard to find or gin-related better suited to one of my best friends.

So this year, after much deliberation I have indulged my geeky inner-self alongside an accessories update to come up with the following list. Check it out and let me know what you would have added!

The teachers I took for granted

Lily started school exactly 20 years after my first day at secondary school.

It astounds me. Not just at how quickly those years seem to have passed, the path my life has taken, the things that have changed and those that stay the same, but at how fresh my memories are.

And, in particular, how much I took my teachers for granted.

Dropping Lily off at school fills me with a nostalgia for my own school days. With little effort, I can tell you the name of nearly every teacher I had from Reception to Upper Sixth. And now I find that I look back at my teachers with a newfound understanding and a greater respect than I ever gave them credit for when I was young(er).

Why I won't order from Just Eat again

I do love a good bloody takeaway.

I'm a mum of two kids, I don't get out much. Despite what I joke about here, I don't really drink a lot, I don't smoke and I rarely tuck in to a big bar of chocolate.

But I do like to spend my money on the odd takeaway. A Friday night pizza, curry or Chinese in front of the TV with my hubby. That's my idea of a good time.

Unfortunately, due to a less than good time ordering from Just Eat on Friday, I won't be using them again.



Moana Inspired Party Bags

It's already a week since Lily's birthday and Moana-inspired birthday party and I'm yet to finish sorting and packing away various bits of party paraphernalia. The grass table skirt still hasn't put in an appearance, thank you cards are ready to be written and it appears that edible sand is just as difficult to get rid of in practice as the real stuff...

Amidst the mess and memories of a pretty good day I'm doing my best to write up some useful posts to share with you, in the hope that it will inspire confidence in parents who feel easily overwhelmed by the lavishly decorated parties that you typically find on Pinterest.

Party Planning - Tropical Moana Party

Every time I host a party or event my guests tell me that they've had 'a wonderful time' or another flattering comment which makes my heart beam a little. I know they're probably just being polite but I do like the affirmation of a party well planned.

And yet any praise from myself is normally lacking.

So it surprises me to say it, but Lily's fifth birthday Moana Party was actually PRETTY GOOD.

And with an intro like that, take a look!

This year we invited more guests but limited the budget to only £50 more than last years budget. This meant that we did the whole thing for just £10 a head. It was tricky to stick within the spending limits but I managed it by planning many months ahead and buying items when they were cheap and plentiful in store, discounted in the sale or online.