What better customer service looks like - an update about Just Eat

Earlier this month a bad experience of ordering a takeaway via Just Eat turned into a scary experience when the aggressive delivery driver tried to force his way into our home after giving us a refund.

Distressed by the experience, I immediately contacted Just Eat via their online chat service. I felt that this was more serious than a complaint about cold and disgusting food - it was about the safety of customers and the complete disregard of the restaurant.

And yet, my experience with the customer service representative left me disappointed in Just Eat as a company and left me questioning their processes and procedures.

The original response, from the online chat was:
"if their's a problem between the customer and the restaurant it's your problem alone because the restaurant is the one who is preparing the food not us just eat."

Dreadful grammar and lack of punctuation aside, I didn't think this was acceptable after paying Just Eat and tweeted my blog post about the whole dreadful encounter.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much of a response and had already made my mind up about the company, their quality standards and customer service. So I was pleasantly surprised and incredibly relieved to receive a prompt response and resolution to the issue.

And because I want to be fair in my writing and my online presence, it's only right that I let you know what good customer service from Just Eat looks like.

The representative was polite and apologetic. They let me know straight away that they do indeed have processes in place for dealing with serious complaints and promised to look into the problem.

It didn't take them too long to investigate and as soon as they realised that mistakes had been made and that I had been given the wrong information they were quick to apologise again and dealt with my complaint as I would have expected in the first place.

It is a relief to know that Just Eat aren't as shoddy as they appeared to be when I first made my complaint. That they do care about the customers and not just the restaurants that they work with. Things will go wrong, mistakes happen and customers are left feeling disappointed but I judge businesses on how they deal with these mistakes and Just Eat have redeemed themselves in my eyes.

I'm not sure yet whether I'm confident enough to order through them again, I think I'll be sticking with tried and trusted takeaways in the future, but I'm no longer an angry and dissatisfied customer.

This is what good customer service looks like - a prompt response, a genuine apology, an explanation of correct processes and a sincere commitment to ensure similar mistakes don't happen again.

Thanks Just Eat!
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