Moana Inspired Party Bags

It's already a week since Lily's birthday and Moana-inspired birthday party and I'm yet to finish sorting and packing away various bits of party paraphernalia. The grass table skirt still hasn't put in an appearance, thank you cards are ready to be written and it appears that edible sand is just as difficult to get rid of in practice as the real stuff...

Amidst the mess and memories of a pretty good day I'm doing my best to write up some useful posts to share with you, in the hope that it will inspire confidence in parents who feel easily overwhelmed by the lavishly decorated parties that you typically find on Pinterest.

One of my favourite aspects of the party were these super cute party bags. I'm not a fan of going crazy with party bags and like to keep things simple, but effective, if I can. The best thing about these bags is how fabulous they looked for very little effort - and they worked out at less than £1 a head! Throw in some cake and I'm pretty sure your party guests will be going home happy.

I had my party-radar turned on at the beginning of the summer, ready for all the hot and tropical themed party ideas to hit my inbox from some of my favourite party suppliers. I wasn't disappointed when it came to this fantastic idea for hessian favour bags on the Party Delights blog.

A brief search on eBay later and I found these frangipani flower clips, shipped from China at only £1.09 for 4.

Included in the bags are some brightly coloured bottles of bubbles (£3.00 for 24 from ASDA), a flip-flop keyring, some Hawaiian Flower Tattoos and a mini packet of Haribo sweets (multipack of 12 bought from Poundworld).

I popped everything in the bag, closed them and then added the flower clip for decor - and to double up as an extra gift to wear in your hair!

Altogether, I spent:

Bubbles £3.00
Frangipani Flower Clips £4.91
Flip-Flop Keyrings £5.24
Sweets £2.00
Flower Tattoos £2.00

Total £19.81 
(99.5p per guest)

Lily handed out each party bag to her friends at the end of the party, with a slice of party cake to take home. Until that point the party bags were just part of the decor, displayed on the dessert table with the cake, cupcakes and sweet treats!

What do you think? Any ideas to add for a tropical themed party? Check out my Pinterest boards for even more ideas and inspiration.
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