Porky-Pies on Pinterest

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest.

On the surface, and in principle, I love it. The inspiration, the sharing of ideas, the ability to create mood boards and curate collections. All fab.

But. There are other times when it leaves me feeling disappointed. Inadequate. Lied to.

Because a lot of those pins claiming to be 'easy' or 'toddler friendly' or 'quick' just aren't any of those things. At least not for me.

Exhibit A - 'One Pot' Meals
My gripe with these is that they lead you to think that you cut down on time spent on both preparation and cleaning. Win win right?


I don't think it is fair to call something 'one pot' if you have to keep cooking ingredients and then temporarily 'placing them to one side'. It's probably fairer to claim that these meals are 'One Big Pot But Many Small Bowls and Plates Meals'. I can't see that catching on...

Exhibit B - 'Easy' Pins
Whether it is miniature works of art apparently created by a two-year old, lovingly made gifts or customised clothing, it took me ages to realise that just because something is easy for one person, it won't necessarily be easy for me. I have a cupboard upstairs full of projects that were nowhere near as 'easy' as the pin claimed. I then end up feeling disheartened and end up questioning why my work, or the work of my children, isn't as good as these amazing pins.

But my biggest gripe is the children's work that has obviously been created by an adult. You just can't claim that 'a toddler can do it' if by that you mean you had to hold their hand, guide it, replace their stickers and forcibly restrain them from smearing the paint everywhere in one big mess.

It's misleading. Some people may even say it's lying.

Exhibit C - 'No Mess' Activities
OK, I should never have been caught out by this one. Everyone should realise that a baby activity claiming to be 'no mess' is a joke.

It just so happens that when it involves paint and a zip-lock bag, the joke is on me.

If I were to make a resolution this year, it would be to take everything I see on Pinterest with a pinch of salt. It shouldn't be hard, I'm already wary of the 'insta-sham' and I know how easy it is to just chuck all the rubbish out of the room before you take an amazing shot of your super-clean house. It's just that when I look at my messy home, I often end up comparing it and wondering where I go wrong.

I need to learn that not producing pin-worthy projects and meals does not make me a failure, or any less of a great Mum. That my kids don't care what the finished article should look like on a computer screen, they're having more fun using their elbows to turn their artwork into something that looks more like shit  (ahem) mud.

So, for all those Mums like me who are scrolling through Pinterest whilst feeding the baby in the dead of night, inspired by wonderful looking projects and ultimately disappointed by our real-life efforts... Give yourself a break. Because for every Mum who looks amazing on Pinterest there are thousands just like you. Amazing in real life.

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