#ACEforSchool - school adventures without laundry worries

As a kid I loved school. It's something I want for both my children - afterall, children spend an awful lot of time in school and I want them to enjoy it rather than dread it!

Our own school adventures start early in the morning - I avoid the school run getting mundane and miserable by letting the kids have fun as we go. It's only one long road to walk down and I leave plenty of time so that the kids can walk on walls, stop to marvel at the spider webs and their inhabitants, say hello to the cats and play we're going on a bear hunt.

We're usually some of the first to arrive in the playground, Lily and Ollie both off and running whilst I stand in the corner with a few other Mums, often talking about how cold it is or having a bit of a gossip.

Natural History Museum Day Trip

This post has been a long time coming - sorry about that! The day job got in the way and it's only now that I'm able to write most days that I'm realising how much I missed sharing our days out and family life on the blog.

Ollie's birthday is in March and this year our planned treat was originally postponed due to snow. He didn't have to wait too long though and as soon as the white stuff had cleared we headed into London with friends for a dinosaur-filled day at the Natural History Museum.

We live in High Wycombe, about 30 minutes by train from central London. However, when it comes to saving money on family days out, we rarely get the train from the local station (£27.50 for an anytime return with travelcard) and instead opt for driving a little way to Ruislip Gardens where we can park up cheaply (often at the station itself, sometimes in a nearby residential street) and get the tube to our chosen destination for more than half price using an Oyster card (capped at £11.70).

Going it alone

As you may have gathered from my last post, there was a big question mark over my job and I feel that now might be a good time to update you all.

The title of this post is a huge hint.

I'm no longer employed.

The job which I had such high hopes for, which gave me a new boost of confidence, didn't work out.

Work and Worry

I've found myself getting increasingly stressed over the last few months.

The cause? My work.

Like the majority of people, it isn't the first time working has caused me stress, given me nightmares, exacerbated my anxiety. I have often found that my work is closely linked to me mental health and well being.

Looking over my blog posts from last year you wouldn't think that for half of it I was feeling depressed and even, at times, suicidal.

My Geek Gift List

Can you remember a time before you could buy nearly anything you wanted at a click of a button?

As a teen and a lover of all things Lord of the Rings I would sit in an internet cafe searching the world wide web for anything to fuel my passion. There wasn't much. I don't think I'd even heard of eBay at that point (I am only 32 by the way but the internet was still new enough to be featured on 'Tomorrow's World')...