Party Planning - A Dino Party Wishlist

For Ollie, there was no doubt which theme we would choose for his 4th birthday party. Dinosaurs. He loves them and things got a little dino crazy over Christmas. He had 'Switch and Go Dinos', dinosaur books, dinosaur clothes, dinosaur toys and if anything, his enthusiasm is growing.

Although I started looking at ideas before Christmas, I was far too busy to really sit down and plan the specifics for Ollie's party. However, with the festive fun (and failures) now over, I have been planning in earnest.

I've found it really easy to gather ideas online. Pinterest and Instagram are full of amazing dinosaur themed parties for all ages and I get easily sidetracked looking at all the possibilities. For this event, I wanted to keep things simple, yet stylish. We're not extravagant and my focus for parties tends to be on traditional games, food and activities that look nice.

And balloons. I love balloons.

Christmas 2018... The one where things did go well

After concentrating on the things that went wrong in my last post, I wanted to re-cap the wonderful things about this Christmas.

Despite beating myself up for not being the ideal wife, mother and hostess of my dreams, I did enjoy much of Christmas and advent this year and, as always, I wish to record the best bits both for me and the kids to look back on one day.

Each Christmas contains the same elements - trees, presents, food, fun but I don't want to lose sight of the unique events and activities that will always make this particular Christmas different to othersDecember has been an incredibly busy month and there has been a lot to record!

A Festive Failure

By 9am on Christmas Eve I was in tears. Overwhelmed by the knowledge of being imperfect, floored by a comment made by a friend about their ‘perfect wife’.

My Christmas Eve wasn’t going to be the relaxed, festive affair that I’d planned. After months of planning and organisation, I still wasn’t ready. There were things to buy, a home to prepare, things to do, places to go.

And I wasn’t ready. I wasn’t perfect. This wasn’t the ‘perfect’ Christmas I’d hoped for.

I blame the Christmas adverts I was subjected to as a kid. The luscious and extravagant parties, towering pyramids of Ferraro Rocher, laughing adults with glasses of champagne.

Fixing winter skin with the #MyAquaphor Challenge

Winter has well and truly hit High Wycombe in the last couple of weeks. The school run has turned from a pleasurable meander in the pale Autumn sunlight into a cold and miserable scurry in the rain and even I'm thinking of purchasing a bobble hat to keep my ears warm as I walk to school and back a few times everyday.

Winter is particularly tough on skin. As a family we struggle with dry, cracked and sore skin on our hands and faces and it can be hard to find products to help.

Perhaps, I'm just fussy, but when it comes to a cream I can use on my hands and dry skin it has to meet certain criteria:

Ketchup to the rescue! My son's obsession with the red stuff

I like to think that my kids are reasonably well balanced when it comes to food. They eat a good amount of fruit and vegetables, they love to help themselves to a well-stocked salad bar at Harvester or Pizza Hut and can usually be persuaded to try something new. At the same time, I'm not militant when it comes to sweets and treats and am happy for them to have small amounts of chocolate and cake.

So, in my parenting bubble where everything can often seem challenging and overwhelming, food is one area which I don't stress too much about.

Until recently, that is.

Recently, I have began to feel a little bit insulted by the overuse of tomato ketchup at mealtimes.