'Just' a Mummy

On Saturday I will put on a dress, some (low) heeled shoes and some make-up (!) and head into London for the annual old boys reunion for my school.

And I'm nervous, anxious, scared. I know that there would be people there who were clever and successful. Those who have exciting jobs, worldwide travels and grand job titles.

And the tiny teenage part of myself that never quite fitted in, feels ashamed that my life isn't anywhere near as exciting.

What on earth will I talk about?

My career? How I ended up dropping out of uni after my dad died?

How I was just a PA?

How I'm just a Mum?

I'm worried that my old classmates and friends will judge my life choices and see someone distinctly uninteresting (and fat, but let's not go there).

But yesterday, I built a house.

OK, it was out of cardboard, and came with instructions. 

But that house made a three year old with an intermittent attitude problem so happy they sat in it exclaiming "I love it! I love it! I just love it!" and I realised that I don't particularly want an exciting, jet setting role. Every career decision I have made in the last ten years has not been about status, progression, or even salary, but about balancing work and family.

I love my current job as a part-time school receptionist and I loved my last job as a PA. I have met and worked with great people and inspiring leaders. I have project managed and launched some interesting products and have planned and organised fun events.

But my job also meant I could cut down my hours after having Lily and spend valuable time at home, watching and helping her grow.

So, I'm not a journalist. My life hasn't worked out the way my naive 16 year old self thought it would. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I'll be the sad, slightly frumpy but very happy woman there on Saturday night, boring everyone else with photos of my kids and telling anyone who will listen that the best part of my career is when Lily takes my hand and says "I love you mummy, you're a hero".

Tubbs said...

Enjoy your reunion! No one's life turns out how they planned. Some of the people who appear to have it all may not do really whilst others who appear not to have done so well will have succeeded in the things that matter. If you're happy and surrounded by people who love you, you're winning IMO. :)

Rebecca U said...

hope it goes well! don't see yourself as 'just' anything, that is what helps me anyway x #MMWBH

Our Cherry Tree said...

It actually wasn't too bad! I wasn't the only one who was nervous and it was great to see old friends and teachers. Would even contemplate going again! x

Our Cherry Tree said...

Thank you! I was so scared before I got there but it turned out well :) TBH, there were so many sexist comments about even the most successful women there that I just avoided the worst offenders and it was fine.x

Debs @ Super Busy Mum said...

Try and enjoy your reunion! We've never had one of those and to be honest, I think I'd be just as anxious and scared as you are about yours. I was the geek in class, so to face everyone again would be my idea of hell! lol! I do hope you have a good time though! Thanks for linking up to the Mad Mid Week Blog Hop!

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