January To Do List - Progress Report

Last week I came up with a to-do list for the rest of January. At the time it felt like the first month of the year was endless, now we're in the last week I thought I better crack on with anything I haven't ticked off yet!

We have been baking which was an all round success. Not so much our artwork, which I think was more about the process, than our finished product. It was a lot of fun but we created more mess than works of art!

We've had two great walks, even when it was wet and frosty. Our first was along the Rye with Ollie in his buggy, and the second was exploring the woods behind our home. Lily really likes to go on walks where we can pretend to find characters from books we like to read, like the Gruffalo or a bear. Since Christmas she has been particularly fond of recalling parts of the Stick Man story and was keen to point out two sticks 'cuddling' that she said were Stick Man and his Stick-Lady-Love.

I also prepared a Treasure Basket for Ollie that was enjoyed by all. I wish I'd taken some photos but was just too busy building a tower out of kitchen utensils (Lily's idea, much harder than it sounds).

This week we plan to do more sensory play activities and also make some bird feeders for the garden. I'm sure we'll also get on with some more artwork and probably more baking! I am quite predictable!
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