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I'm not great when it comes to fashion, and I'm not particularly adventurous when it comes to choosing clothes for the kids. That said, both Lily and Ollie have far more extensive wardrobes than my own and I take far more pleasure in choosing their outfits than I do for myself. I think it comes with the territory when you're a Mum.

I'm happy to shop around for kids clothes - I love shops like Zara, H&M and Mothercare, usually waiting for a sale to stock up on what's needed. I'm not snobby when it comes to buying things second-hand at nearly new sales or using clothes handed down from friends with children and I happily shop at Primark and supermarket clothing ranges.

However, one area I struggle to get value for money is shoes. It is so important for children to have decent footwear, they need to fit properly, support the foot and last longer than five minutes. It seems like a lot of responsibility for me as a parent to choose something that is just right whilst also balancing the books.

I don't mind buying from slightly cheaper shops when it comes to footwear, as long as the fit is right and they are made from quality materials with decent support. I'll often buy from Mothercare and Next although it's impossible to judge sizing online. During the sales I head straight to start-rite or New Zealand company Bobux.

I first found Bobux when I was looking for Lily's second pair of shoes. They have different ranges depending on the age and skill of the child which I found really helpful and they had some fab reviews. I was impressed and have bought a few pairs since, so imagine how happy I was before Christmas to find out that I'd won a pair in an Instagram competition!

There was so much choice on their website and it was hard to narrow down my choice but in the end I went for the 'Empire' trainer in pink. They usually ship from the UK and are very quick, but on this occasion the pair I picked was shipped from New Zealand along with some other goodies from Kiwi brands Ashley & Co. and Antipodes. The parcel arrived this week and I was really excited - like receiving an extra Christmas present!


I was again impressed by the quality of the shoe. I chose trainers because Lily loves to run around and can easily scuff smart shoes but this pair is really smart and I feel like I could easily pair them up with some slightly smarter outfits. I know they'll also go down well at the nursery, because they're easy for Lily to put on and take off herself.

According to Lily they're very comfortable and they obviously passed her style testing because she put them on first thing this morning and was loathe to take them off again!

I would definitely recommend checking out the Bobux range as they have some great options. I'm always working to a really tight budget and so like to buy items in the sale if I can, but the prices for Bobux are no more expensive than some high street shoe shops and they last well. You can easily buy from their website or they have a store locator if you prefer to try them on before purchasing. I've also previously seen them in John Lewis and TK Maxx.
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*I have not been asked by anyone to write this review, I just wanted to share with you and all opinions are my own*
Jessica Powell said...

I've heard such great things about them! I actually won a pair of their toddler shoes before my daughter was born - but she was tricksy so I'd asked for the boy's blue and black pair! :) #triedtested

Travey @ Mummyshire said...

I haven't heard of them before, but I'm with you - I want to make sure my children have the best fitting shoes, but sometimes find it staggering that I have to pay more for them than my own shoes!
Nice review

Ann Hickman said...

Will definitely bear in mind for our little girlie - thanks! #toddkerapprovedtuesdays

Emily Twin Mummy and Daddy said...

I reviewed a pair each for my twins when they were babies and they were lovely. I had no idea they did them for older children. These are lovely. #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

Becky Wilkinson said...

We tried Bobux when Elsie was small and they were ace! I must take a look at the website and see what they have for her now she is older.

Thanks for linking up to #toddlerapprovedtuesday

Our Cherry Tree said...

They are really good :) I'll be getting them for my son when he's a bit older.x

Our Cherry Tree said...

They are very good! Keep an eye on them for their sale and take a look in TK Maxx for bargains.x

Our Cherry Tree said...

Would definitely recommend them :)

Our Cherry Tree said...

I think they do all ages now, some really nice styles too. x

Our Cherry Tree said...

Take a look, they've got some really nice styles at the moment. I'm loving all the trainers! x

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