Christmas 2015... the one with all the poo

I often think Christmas is a bit like a wedding - the basics are all the same, it's a big family thing, and because everyone puts their own stamp on it, they all think their way is best.

Because the basics are the same, it's often easy to get different years mixed up in our memories, as the Christmases of our childhood blend together into one big carol-singing, present opening, chocolate covered mess.

And that is why I want to remember the little bits of our family Christmases that will, as the years pass, fade from memory.

As always, this year we had lovely food, great presents and lots of fun. It was Ollie's first Christmas and it was magical. Lily gets more and more excited every year. It was stressful at times getting everything ready, but most of the day went without a hitch. But I also want to remember:

- Ollie's excitement when I gave him the bauble from the tree that he has been trying to pull off for nearly a week.

- My friend showing up on Christmas Eve with a beautiful bunch of flowers.

- The 'Ultimate Christmas Party' at our Church. It's becoming a tradition, it doesn't feel like Christmas is here until we're there.

- Our friend Will popping over on Christmas Eve and performing an amazing rendition of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas' for Lily.

- The kids giving us a lie-in. Lily didn't come running in with her stocking until 7:00 and Ollie had to be woken up soon after to join in with opening.

- Lily's incredulous disbelief when Santa 'didn't eat all of his chocolate cake'.

- Lily exclaiming 'You got this for me?! Thank you!' and saying 'when we go to their house, I'll have to say thank you' every time she opened a present from family and friends.

- Ollie opening his first Christmas presents. It took him a while to get the point of what we were doing, but he loved it in the end.

- Lily doing a great 'Stevie Wonder' impression when dancing.

- Matt doing that thing where you pretend to walk downstairs... He kept saying he was 'popping down to the wine cellar', Ollie found it hilarious.

- Snuggling to watch 'Stick Man' and Lily knowing the words by heart.

- Ollie only waking up once for three out of four nights... I'm hoping this is start of a more restful new year!

- Her cousin, Ruby, taking off her own slippers to lend to Lily because her feet were cold.

- Cracking up in Nandos with Matt on Boxing Day. We were running late on our way home and needed a pit stop. During our meal a loud alarm rang out in the kitchen, nothing to worry about, but Matt exclaimed "the chicken's are escaping" which made me laugh... (you probably had to be there)...

I could however, do without remembering that Lily, Ollie and I were all poorly with a tummy bug. The outcome of which was a particularly distressing incident when Lily had an accident on the floor. Ollie also had an ear infection and conjunctivitis. Nice. Thanks for that one Santa.

How did your Christmas day go? I hope everything went to plan! Or, that it gives you enough to giggle about in the future.

Nigel said...

Great post very funny sounds like you had a great time really like the nando s story #justanotherlinky

TheSpeedBump said...

Sounds like a lovely time, glad you've had a nice Christmas! #justanotherlinky

jeremy@thirstydaddy said...

Hope everybody is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas. My Christmas Day started fine until my 16 month old vomited all over the carpet whilst opening presents. Think he has a bug as we have also had a few poop accidents today. Other than that, we had a lovely Christmas :-) #justanotherlinky

Something Crunchy Mummy said...

Oh bless you! Still sounds like a lovely family Christmas. Thanks for linking up to #justanotherlinky xx

Our Cherry Tree said...

Thank you! Your Christmas sounded lovely too.x

Our Cherry Tree said...

We are getting there! Thank you! x

Our Cherry Tree said...

Oh no! I share your pain, poop accidents are not pleasant. Luckily we didn't have vomit as well, I hope the illness went quickly! x

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