Autumn Play

The autumnal sunshine has been glorious this week. On Wednesday we decided to make the most of it and headed to the park once again. Lily and her friend were particularly adventurous, climbing on the larger adventure playground equipment with little assistance. Ollie slept in his pram, and before leaving we fed the ducks and swans.

(As an aside, I wanted to be conscientious and feed the ducks appropriate food. Waste. Of. Time. Lettuce and other vegetables may be better for the ducks than slightly stale white bread but they don't really like it. They want the bread. Lots of bread.)

Lily and I also added to our growing conker and leaf collection. Then, today, we used them in our afternoon activities.

First we did some sticking. Lily is able to completely do this on her own, so it was nice to sit back and watch her be creative. Last week we used leaves for rubbing pictures and printing and that needed a little bit more supervision, today was really relaxing and it was great to see her concentration as she applied the glue and so very carefully chose where to stick the leaves. She's a real perfectionist.

Our second activity was some autumn conker and play-dough modelling. Lily used the conkers and some red and orange play-dough to make 'conker men' and worms/caterpillars. We grabbed more bits from the garden and she then had a ton of fun trying to build towers. Sure, they didn't work out too well. But she enjoyed it nonetheless!

Because we used play-dough, we were able to take them all apart when we finished playing and will be able to start all over again next week. Maybe inside this time, as the forecast is not looking as great as this week!

Unknown said...

Wonderful nature fun. Nature really does provide the best entertainment. She looks like she's getting stuck into her nature creativity.
Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

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