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Soft play centres can come with a pretty bad reputation. I don't know many adults who would choose to spend time there willingly. Personally, I don't think they're that bad. Sure, they're noisy and often overpriced but sometimes they can be a pretty good way of entertaining the kids. In our area there are a few which come recommend but we've only ever frequented one or two.

Until yesterday, when we were introduced to Whizz Kidz in Thame.

We were invited to a small get together for a friend's first birthday, otherwise I'd normally advise avoiding soft play on Saturdays! Surprisingly though, it was relatively quiet. I suspect that most people were making the most of the weather. We made the most of going to soft play without leaving with a headache!

I don't know Thame very well, but the building which house the soft play area was easy to find and there was plenty of parking. The indoor area was bright and spacious with large areas for seating. It cost £9.50 for us (one year olds £4:00, three year olds £5.50, adults free) and we were there for over two and a half hours which felt like pretty good value for money.

I thought there was a great selection of equipment and toys. The under 5's area was particularly impressive and was much bigger than any others I've seen. In addition, they had a cute Little Tikes area with some Cozy Coupes and a couple of houses. For older children I was surprised to see a bouncy castle as well as huge play frame with great features and an indoor football and basketball area. Towards the end of our time there the children settled into the Wow area which was filled with some great toys and was a great way to wind down before heading home.

We also tried the food which was freshly cooked, decently-sized and reasonably priced. The menu wouldn't win any Michelin stars but there was plenty of choice and we each found something to suit us.

I was particularly impressed with the cleanliness and thought it was good to see the staff vacuuming and cleaning regularly. I'm often worried about how gross this sort of establishment can be, perhaps through no fault of their own, but Whizz Kidz clearly took cleaning seriously and it was nice to witness.

Some other friends happened to be there at the same time for a party and that looked pretty good. Once again, the food looked nice and the kids were well entertained on the bigger unit. I also saw a couple of parents getting in on the action, and can highly recommend the slide...

Working to our strict monthly budget, we're not able to frequent soft play that often but would definitely choose Whizz Kidz over most other local options. It's a bit further to travel but well worth the bit of extra effort.

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*I have not been asked by anyone to write this review, I just wanted to share with you! All opinions are my own*

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