Our wonderful weekend

We had a really lovely day today. The rest of the weekend has been peaceful, a trip to the library on Saturday, church on Sunday. Today was for fun.

We headed out to the High Wycombe May Fayre, something we've been to for the last couple of years as it's always a nice, family friendly event. It's held at Holywell Mead on the far side of the Rye but if you cross the park then there is also a small funfair and together they make for a pretty good day out.

I can't quite get over how much Lily has changed in a year. Ollie is still too young to have his face painted but Lily couldn't wait to have hers done and chose this bright neon butterfly, a bit different to last year's tiger option!

With faces painted and after a walk round to check out the various stalls, tombolas and cheerleading display we had a lot of fun running across the football pitches to the fun fair. I'm not used to running and so was surprised I didn't need a sit down at the other end.

The funfair was token operated and cost £10 for 12 tokens. Most rides were two tokens per person and the bumper cars were three tokens per car. I wasn't expecting Lily to go on as many rides as she did - she isn't usually so brave. Having overspent on the rides we sensibly cut back on ice cream. I felt a bit bad, but am hoping that Lily won't remember not having ice cream when she instead looks back and remembers the fun she had on the rides and the hook a duck.

Ollie got in on the action and enjoyed his first little train ride. He had much more fun at the play park where he could crawl around on the pirate ship and go down the slide.

I always find that after a really great weekend it's hard to get back into the swing of things and so I'm reminding myself of my promise to be grateful as I head into next week. I'm glad it will be shorter than normal and that I have simple activities planned to keep everyone happy. We'll be doing some cooking and baking tomorrow, working and nursery on Wednesday and Friday and will be at our usual toddler group on Thursday mornings. By that point I know I'll be ready for another quiet weekend and I'm already looking forward to it!

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