We made... Pitta Pizzas!

The best thing about making these scrummy pitta bread pizzas is that it doubles up as a fun morning activity AND lunch. Win win in my opinion. Plus, I love pizza and these give you a nice crispy base and the taste of a freshly made pizza. Yum.

They are also really, really easy. Especially if you buy the pizza sauce ready made, we got ours from Sainsburys but I'm pretty sure you can get them in most supermarkets. If that fails, then using tomato puree would probably work!

You'll need:
Pitta Breads
Pizza Sauce
Choice of toppings (ham, mushrooms, peppers, pineapple or whatever you fancy)

I found that chopping the pittas in half made it easier for the children to do their own. First, spread the tomato pizza sauce on to the pitta.

Add some grated cheese (we used mild cheddar but you can obviously use mozzarella), followed by whatever toppings you fancy. Then pop them in an oven at 190˚C for approximately 10 minutes until the cheese has melted and the edges of the pizza are turning crispy.

Voila! That really is it.

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