I believe in tomorrow...

We've been taking advantage of the Bank Holiday weekend to finally sort out the garden (how terribly British). Our next door neighbours may have laughed at our meager tools for the job ("That's not a shovel, that's a spade, THIS is a shovel!") but they did kindly jump over the fence with their hedge cutter and do some pruning for us.

We're planning on laying some turf to replace the gravel area in the next week or so and so must of the work has been on filling the old pond and working on turning it into a rockery. There were also tons of weeds to pull up and decisions to be made about what to do with the terraced beds we have.

It's an ongoing project (photo above is a 'before' pic) which is tricky for me because I like to work hard on something and see the results straight away. I'm not the most patient person but I'm looking forward to watching our garden grow.

And in the meantime it is providing a great activity for the kids. Lily especially loved helping out, using her little spade to move the stones and doing some planting with Daddy. Ollie also got stuck in digging with a little spade whilst I frantically tried to come up with ways to make the garden more friendly for an adventurous little climber!

We'll be back out there today. What are your plans for the rest of the long weekend?

Cuddle Fairy

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