Time for toddler jokes!

"Mummy! Can I tell you a joke?"

We have hit a stage with Lily that I remember experiencing as a Big Sister. Toddler jokes. When my little brother used to tell them I thought it was cute and never minded pretending to laugh hysterically. But now, a couple of weeks in of being told either nonsense jokes, or the same joke over and over again, I'm beginning to lose my marbles a bit.

Could someone PLEASE tell me what on earth a bloody 'Gol Gol' is?! Lily thinks it is hilarious and "cause it's gol gol" or "you're a gol gol" is one of her favourite sayings right now.

This was her only 'real' joke for sometime. It was funny at first, especially when she couldn't remember the answer and got the question mixed up. One thousand (only slightly exaggerated) tellings later, I'm more inclined to weep than giggle.

Which is why I'm relieved that she is adding more jokes to her repertoire. Afterall, even the funniest tales get stale after a little while, variety mixes things up a bit and keeps me on my toes!

This gem came from the wonderfully witty Nanny Plum. For others, I reach back in my memories for old Christmas cracker jokes - because any others I know are definitely not appropriate for three year olds!

The problem is, the ones I think are brilliant (probably because my parents laughed when I was a kid) she doesn't seem to understand yet...

If you happen to have any genuinely funny, toddler-appropriate jokes then please share them with me in the comments!
Little Hearts, Big Love
The Mum Reviews said...

Where do you take sick ponies? To the horsepital.

Knock knock.
Who's there?
An interrupting cow.
An interrupting cow...
(Interrupting) MOO MOO

These are the decent ones my son knows. Less decent:
Knock knock.
Who's there?
A wee.
A wee who.
You've done a massive poo! Hahaha.

Apparently his friends at nursery taught him that...

Unknown said...

Jessica went through this phase! Unfortunately her favourite was
Why did the cow say moo?
Because it was a sheep...

Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love) said...

We've not entered the jokes stage yet but at least you've managed to get a few proper jokes in there as well as the "gol gol" one. Christmas crackers are a good place to look for toddler-appropriate jokes. Thanks for sharing with #ftmob :-)

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