Our Non-Olympics Sports Day

I feel all funny when I stop and watch the Olympic games on the TV, it doesn't seem like four years since I watched the opening ceremony for London 2012, pregnant with Lily and excited about seeing my Nan and the Pearlies walk out in front of millions.

I sometimes feel like the world is a very different place now. Sometimes it's even quite scary. Despite previous terrorist attacks, I don't remember feeling scared before. It's like it all changed when I had children. Like I have more reason to be afraid.

But I love the Olympics. I love the ideals of teams from all over the world competing for the glory of their country. It's one of those things which makes you go all gooey inside. (No? Just me?)

Other than a brief time in my early teens when I won a couple of 800 metre races, I've never been sporty. I've always preferred reading, writing and quiet activities to anything particularly strenuous. And I'm not competitive. In a starting line up I'd look to the people on either side, and I'd know that they wanted it more than me. I just wasn't as motivated as they were.

That said, I do like being part of a team. Cheering on a team. Whether that's a football team, Olympic team or my own husband and kids.

I wish I could take the credit for the amazingly fun time we had last weekend but it was the vision, planning and organisation of my friend that got a load of us together for a picnic and sports games at the park. Inspired in part by the approaching Olympics in Rio, we had our own sporty day in the sun.

In addition to sack, bean bag, egg and spoon and three legged races there was cricket, football and rugby fun to be had. There was even a very funny relay-type race.

And, unlike the Russian team, there was very little cheating. (I'll overlook Lily holding the egg on her spoon right at the end as she cut up another competitor and sprinted for the finish, determined to win).

Another day of happy memories. Matt won the sack race in a real-life version of the Hare and the Tortoise as two of the forerunners ended up in a collision and Matt and I won the three-legged race - not bad for someone who isn't sporty! Ollie tried (and loved) his first olive (yuck, takes after his Dad) and went back for seconds then thirds. All the kids loved playing with Deise, my best friend's lovely dog and Lily made a new friend in 7 year old Grace who she followed round like a shadow.

It was so simple and yet so much fun. It really got me thinking, because despite not being competitive myself, I'd love to encourage Lily and Ollie in an active, healthy lifestyle and that would certainly include sports. They're lucky that Matt is very sporty and loves (almost) all sport so I know he'll be a great role model but I really feel like I need to step up too. Even if it is just organising more fun days like these and upping my exercise. After all, as inspiring as the Olympics is, if anything is going to overturn a lifetime of loathing sport, for me it's going to be my kids.
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