Party Planning - Rainbow Party Wish List

I am juggling many plates right now but am also taking the opportunity of being off work to get cracking with plans for Lily's fourth birthday party. For the last two years we have avoided parties and instead spent our money on fab days out. However, this will be her last year at nursery and so I'd like her to be able to have a special party with all her friends.

The theme? Rainbows!

And wow. There are so many amazing rainbow-themed goodies available! It's already hard trying to keep to my budget. Thankfully, starting early gives me time to stock up and I've booked our venue (all afternoon, on a Saturday, two rooms) for a bargain £20.

I like to play around and design my own invitations, it's one of the few areas of creativity where I am pleased with the outcome! All I need to do now is print them and get them sent out.

Purchases have been made already - I spotted that Sainsburys have some rainbow striped items in their new party range and am excited to be getting some bits delivered later today.

Now I have to choose which of these gorgeous items to prioritise and then purchase! 

First up, it's this selection from I can't resist these balloons from Bubblegum Balloons - the colours are perfect and the necklace by Francesca Rossi Designs is so cute I'm tempted to get it for myself!
If you're into party planning, then I recommend that you follow The Original Party Bag Company on Instagram. They have a beautiful range of products and their photos are always inspiring. They had tons of rainbow goodies to choose from on their site but I particularly loved these party bags and (another) rainbow necklace by Meri Meri and this rainbow shaped foil balloon.

Funnily enough, but I'd never heard of Candle and Cake before I started planning this party - I really have been missing out! I could probably plan every single party between now and the kid's 10th birthdays from this site alone. I want to buy these brightly coloured hats and customise them with trim and pom poms but I'm held back by wondering if four year olds are actually going to wear them?

These balloon pops are adorable and would make a good alternative to original party bags and you can't have a birthday cake without candles! One stipulation of the venue is that we can't stick things to the walls so I am currently thinking up other ways I can use this rainbow paper heart garland.

Finally, it's these goodies from planning stalwart Party Pieces. They're always my first port of call for any party supplies because they have such an extensive range of products and themes and their prices are always reasonable. The lanterns and multi-coloured tassels might be hard to pull off if I can't stick things to the walls and ceilings but the cupcake cases and party bags are definitely on my order list.
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