Crafty Princess Necklaces

When it comes to craft, children's activities are about my best bet at achieving reasonable results. Which is OK, because at the moment, my children seem pleased with my efforts and that's enough for me! I am much better at visualisation than execution and so often find myself disappointed. My mind sees an amazing project but my hands just can't manage it.

Which I why I rarely share our creative activities here on the blog, despite us doing something most days.

I particularly enjoy the playdates when one of my best friends brings her two children over. It's settled into a nice routine, we'll do lunch, the boys will nap (they're the youngest) the girls will play and then there'll be a request for 'something creative'. It's meant to be something for the children but a lot of the time my friend and I get caught up in a creative frenzy of paints, glitter and double-sided sticky tape.
Today my friend bought a princess/fairy kit over and the girls sat down and made a tiara and a wand. It was lovely, but whilst I was rummaging in the craft drawer for some more glitter glue I found some star keyrings from Yellow Moon. I'd bought them for Ollie's birthday party but not all of them got used and the rest have been floating around.

Further rummaging produced an old faux-pearl necklace from a fancy dress costume and a plan clicked into place.

To make your own Princess Necklace, you will need:
- A clear plastic keyring (you can buy some great shapes, including hearts and butterflies here at Yellow Moon but an old keyring that can be opened then stuck back together would work fine too)
- Some paint and/or glitter glue
- A ribbon or beaded necklace
- Some glitter stickers or self-adhesive gems for decoration

- Remove the ring attachment from the keyring.
- Use pliers to open the metal clip and attach to the necklace or ribbon.
- Open the keyring and use the glue to paint your design.
- Close the keyring, have some tissue or babywipes on hand to wipe away any spillages over the sides.
- Decorate with your chosen stickers and gems.

Easy peasy! Yet effective! I particularly liked this green, yellow and purple one with a gold star. We even made matching keyrings just for fun.

There are so many ways you can make this craft your own, so if you give it a try please do pop back and let me know in the comments - I'd love to see them!
The Less-Refined Mind said...

This is a lovely simple idea, I'm sure my little girl would love it!

you baby me mummy said...

So easy but what a wonderful idea. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

Coombe Mill - Fiona said...

A lovely way to use up a collection of left over bits and bobs and such a pretty finish. I love the colours on the green one too, they look really quite professional and I bet the girls were thrilled with them.

Thank you for sharing with me on #Trash2Treasure

Unknown said...

I love the effect you get with the paint! It is so pretty. This is such a lovely way to use up odd bits! #Trash2Treasure

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