My Real Home

I know envy isn't very attractive but I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy flicking through the pages of an interiors magazine or scrolling through dream home boards on Pinterest. My latest vice has been to browse through other blogger's homes on Instagram. Yep, I can be that creepy.

I do enjoy it and I do often feel twinges of envy. I'm not jealous of the homeowners - although one day I'd love to buy a home and fill it with beautiful things. I'm realistic and buying is out of reach just now.

No, I'm jealous of how clean those houses are. Pristine. Tidy.

None of the clutter, toys and debris that fill my home.

I've always been house proud. I love the smell of cleaning products and polish, the fun of whacking on some music and dancing around with a vacuum cleaner. I'm happiest when my home is clutter free.

There is a wonderful satisfaction in surveying a clean and tidy home.

It's just it only stays like that for five minutes. Certainly never long enough for me to take a decent photo and share my (somewhat limited) home design skills on Instagram.

So here is a quick glimpse into the bits of my home that I love the most. It's certainly not perfect but it's temporarily clean enough for me to not get palpitations when I think about sharing it with you.

This kid's rooms are my favourite places to be, but I also quite like how cosy our sitting room is and the openness of our kitchen-diner.

And because I am a human, with two small children and a housework-dodging hubby, here is a pic of my washing pile...

Just kidding. I'm way to embarrassed to share that horror with anybody.

We're currently working on our master bedroom at the moment, I look forward to sharing some photos with you when it is done. If you're interested in what our house looked like before we moved in then take a look at my plans and inspiration for the living room, kitchen and bedroom.

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