What we read... in June

I've never really understood people who say they don't enjoy reading, I just feel sad because they probably haven't found the right book or genre for them. Reading is a huge part of my life and is something I'm really passionate about. It's my only real hobby. My guaranteed escape.

Reading to the children is a cornerstone of my parenting ideals. We read at least a couple of books every day, usually at night just before bed. I also have a very expensive addiction to buying beautiful picture books in local charity shops, I just can't walk away when they're only a few pounds each (at most).

I'm running out of space to store all the picture books and our collection is regularly added to by kind-hearted friends who pass on their children's books to ours (the best sort of friends in my opinion).

With so many books, I want to be able to look back at the ones we've enjoyed the most, any that we particularly love (or not), those that make us laugh, or smile, or gasp with excitement. And so begins my record, with we've read this month.

My absolute favourites have to be 'Angelina and the Princess' by Katharine Holabird and 'First Things First' by Charlotte Voake. I picked up both from a charity shop early in the month for less than £2 and they are just beautiful - beautiful condition, beautiful illustrations, beautiful stories.

Close second and third places belong to 'Sir Squeakalot', a gorgeously detailed and fantastically rhyming pop-up book bought by my Mum a while ago and 'Bear' by Mick Inkpen which is one of those books given to us by a friend that has captured the hearts of the whole family.

For me, I've been reading some new books and re-reading old friends favourites. Most surprising has been 'Career of Evil' by Robert Galbraith. Despite it being written by J K Rowling, I wasn't sure if I'd enjoy the genre at all but I was hooked. So much so that I've since read the series so far twice. I can't wait for the next.

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