Christmas Style Favourites

I'm not particularly stylish at any point in the year but I do tend to have more luck in winter where my tendency to wear black and need to cover up any wobbly bits are a little more forgivable. This is pretty good up until Christmas when you're expected to make a bit more of an effort!

So, if I'm not stylish and find clothes shopping so stressful, why I am I writing a post about my Christmas favourites?

Because, if you're anything like me (there must be someone out there), then you'll probably welcome some stylish ideas for festive fashion that's a little more realistic than what you find in most magazines and adverts.

Red Velvet Bardot Top - Evans
Remember all the gorgeous bardot tops available earlier this year? I'm glad they're still hanging around and particularly like this one from Evans.

Cowl Neck Tunic - Scarlett and Jo
I love a nice tunic, throw it on with some leggings and it's easy peasy. I like the colours of these ones from Scarlett and Jo - I may even be tempted away from the black option and go for something a little more Christmassy.

Lace Sleeve Skater Ponte Dress - Bravissimo
I have a Christmas party to go to with work this year and the thought of finding a party dress fills me with dread. I may have something at home that I can fall back on but if I'm going to splash some cash it'll most likely be on something like this classic skater dress from Bravissimo. And the best bit? I know it'll fit my breasts so they're not going to be squashed or falling out!

Antoni and Alison Robin Jumper - TK Maxx
I'm self-conscious and I like to wear black, so it shouldn't come as a surprise to discover that I'm not a huge fan of ostentatious or novelty Christmas jumpers.That said, you can't deny the allure of a slightly festive, snuggly jumper when it's cold outside! This charcoal jumper with a sequin robin is the perfect Christmas jumper for someone like me.

Black Jeggings - Evans
More structured than leggings but a bit more stretch than some skinny jeans after Christmas dinner, these black jeggings are going straight into my shopping basket on pay day!

Ardingly Rose Velvet Slip Ons - Cath Kidston
I spend the majority of time running around after the kids, that's not going to change at Christmas and I'm not one of those mums who can manage heels. I have, however, fallen in love with these super cute flats from Cath Kidston. I still wear the ones I bought last year, they're comfy and fun and I'd happily add to my collection.

Starline Slouchy Sweatshirt - Pearl and Earl
I love styles like this at the moment and Pearl and Earl have tons to choose from. It's not too Christmassy either, so I should be able to get away with wearing it at other times in the year!

And for the kids...
Shopping for Lily and Ollie is so much easier and fun than shopping for myself and so I always end up straying over to the kids section or clicking on the children's tab! Here are just a few bits that have caught my eye.

6. TuTu Pyjamas - M&S

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