More Paper Christmas Decorations!

A tummy bug over the weekend confined me to the house and left me moaning and moping around for most of Saturday and Sunday. It couldn't have had worse timing because it was Matt's birthday on Saturday and we had a lovely day planned which then had to be cancelled.

However, one good thing to come out of the weekend is that it gave me the chance to sit down and work my way through some of the crafty activities I have planned for my Crafternoon fundraiser on Saturday.

First up was the super simple paper baubles that I shared on Sunday and then I tried my hand at these paper hearts, inspired by this post which has great instructions but I had to adjust mine slightly because I was using double sided sticky tape which was actually quite tricky. I'll be using a stapler next weekend!

I also found that these were better when I used wider strips - about an inch in width. It made them sturdier and was less fiddly that way.

This was very much a work in progress and I'll be re-attempting some later this week in order to get it right before the Crafternoon. I think I need thinner thread/yarn as this twine is a tad bulky.

I was really happy with the the paper choice though, I picked up these genuine music sheet from eBay and they included free delivery. I've also ordered some book pages, Christmas themed cardstock and am getting better at using old children's books (I had to work on getting past the ripping up bit, ripping up any book just feels wrong).

Next up will be some bead craft, I'm not as confident when it comes to that so am not ready to share my attempts just yet but there will be a post later this week letting you know how I get on!
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