Firework Night

An invite from a friend a few years ago to attend their local fireworks display has turned into an annual tradition for us as a family.

As a child I always remember my Mum claiming that setting off fireworks at home was just "burning money" and as such, I've never really thought about hosting my own firework party - odd really, when you consider my love of all things party planning! But I still really enjoy a good display on a cold Autumn evening.

Our evening usually starts by arriving at our friends for nibbles and drinks, they have a beautiful home with a kitchen made for parties and they're always amazing hosts. We then head down the road for the Fireworks on the Crick in Naphill. You'd think that after going to the same place for three years we might get a little bored but the display itself is always amazing, the cost is reasonable (much cheaper than we could ever do ourselves) and they have a gigantic bonfire which fascinates my kids.

There's usually a big group of us, both adults and children and so we tend to find a spot, pop a blanket on the ground and get started on some prosecco whilst we're waiting.

Then after plenty of Ooo-ing and Ahh-ing we head back to the house to warm up with more food, more drinks and plenty of laughter.

Perhaps it is a sign of my sad and dreary social life but I don't get many evenings like this and so despite nursing my first hangover in goodness-knows-how-long today, I'm already looking forward to next year!

If you live in the Wycombe area then the Naphill Fireworks are well worth a visit. It was £7.50 at the gate for adults and children under 5 were free. It's a well organised event with friendly wardens and safety measures in place from the start. The fireworks are amazing and my photos don't get close to doing them justice so the best thing to do is save the date for 2017 and visit yourself - and if you can go with amazing friends then even better.

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