Simple Pleasures - Part Two

On Sunday we were lucky enough to get another day of simple pleasures. An afternoon with good friends, a trip to the park, conker hunting and a roast dinner. With a little bit of prosecco and wine thrown in for good measure!

I can't decide whether Ollie is brave or just crazy. He isn't happy playing on the toddler sized frames and instead is always attempting to scale the biggest one available. He might be wary the first time but after that he is fearless and I find myself watching with an odd combination of pride and fear as he scrambles up and over logs and traverses bridges without help.

Lily is usually pretty brave too but for some reason wasn't feeling it on Sunday. She was a bit more clingy and tearful than usual, I suspect that she was just overtired. But it didn't stop her enjoying conker hunting and making sure that her brother had enough to share too.

She is a remarkably caring older sister, especially when we're out and about. She takes looking out for him very seriously and I often hear her telling others to 'play nicely with my baby bruvva'. She will call out in his defense in disputes over toys, shouting out 'Ollie had it first! My bruvva had it first' and she'll often stop what she is doing or playing with just to go over and kiss the top of his head. It melts my heart. Every single time.

And, of course, Ollie loves it - taking advantage of her more patient moments and delighting in tormenting her when he fancies being a naughty monster.

104 conkers later (yes, I counted) we headed back to our friends home for more play, wine and yummy food. It got to 7 o'clock and I was loathe to leave, Lily even more so.

I'm hoping to replicate last weekend's quiet and relaxed feel this week before heading back to work properly after half term. Autumn is by far my favourite season and a walk in the woods or park costs nothing and yet can be as magical as crazy and fun days out - I just need to remind myself of that more often!
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