Ollie at 18 Months

Time goes so quickly when I'm running around after you, attempting to stop you pulling out all the plates and bowls from the cupboard, chasing you every time you start scampering up the stairs and picking you up when you've run head first into a door or face planted the floor for fun.

Today Lily asked me, "How many years is Ollie?" and I realised that you've actually jumped right past the 18 month mark and are now more than 19 months old. Your first birthday is almost a distant memory as so much as happened in the seven months since.

You're not only walking, you're running. Really, really fast. Your vocabulary is growing and you're picking up new words every day - bubbles, car, dog and juice seem to be the ones you shout the most right now.

You still love to climb everywhere with no regard to safety. At first I attempted nonchalance: "If he falls he won't be in a hurry to do it again" but now I know that you will keep trying something no matter how many times you fall or hurt yourself. I know that this will be great in later life when you need commitment and dedication to achieve your dreams but I have about a hundred small heart attacks every day and seem to spend a lot of time shrieking "Ollie! No! Get down!".

We follow a pretty standard routine in our home and you know it well. Every evening after bath time you run into your room and start choosing books to read before bed. You always like the 'That's not my' books but your current favourite is 'The Very Busy Spider' which Lily enjoys trying to read to you as well.

When it comes to TV, you're as a big a fan of Paw Patrol as Lily is and you love Thomas and Friends. When it comes to toys, you like to run around with a car in your hand. You love music and dancing and do the most adorable little bum wiggle when you hear a song that you like. On Thursdays when we go to toddler group you love to join in with 'sleeping bunnies' and the 'hokey cokey'.

You have always been a cuddly boy. You love to snuggle whilst I sit at the PC and still like to be held as you fall asleep. Lately though you have become even more affectionate, pulling our heads to rest on yours as we have a hug, giving more kisses and especially having cuddles with Lily.

They way you and Lily are together melts my heart, even if I do spend a crazy amount of time asking you both to calm down as you chase each other, or sit on each other. You play together more and more and it's wonderful to see, even if it does sometimes end up in tears when you can't grasp Lily's very particular instructions.

You're no longer in the baby room at nursery. having moved up into the 'Cubs' room. It meant we had to buy you your first pair of slippers and your first wellies. Both of which made you very excited!

You love your food. You feed yourself confidently with a spoon and it's often like you inhale your food! I have no idea where it goes!

You make me laugh. All the time. Even when I'm telling you off. You have the cutest little face and the cheekiest smile and it's bloody difficult sometimes to keep a straight face and be strict with you.

Sometimes I want to stop time so that I can keep you at this funny, exciting and lovable age but really, I just can't wait to see what you're going to do next. I can't wait for you to grow more, to talk more and do more. It is such a privilege to teach you and show you new things, even if you do drive me crazy whilst I'm doing it.

Love always my darling boy,

Cuddle Fairy
Annette, 3 Little Buttons said...

What a lovely reflection of Ollie at 18 months. I have a habit of bursting into laughter at the hilarious naughtys too. Except, this usually makes it a lot worse. Ekk! Gorgeous photos! #CandidCuddles

Jessica Powell said...

Aw, such a lovely look back - and those photos are adorable! I love the quote too; I struggle so much with this. (And if I do manage to keep a straight face, my partner will ruin it by laughing instead!) #candidcuddles

Cuddle Fairy said...

Ollie is such a cutie pie! Enjoy the baby cuddles while you can. That's a great age when they are busy but still have a bit of that little baby in them! The time just flies by! Love the quote too - I just laugh at this stage, what can you do?! lol Thank you for sharing your quote with us at #candidcuddles xx

Madeline (This Glorious Life) said...

Oh this is lovely. I love these kinds of posts, it'll be so great for you to look back on when he's older! x #CandidCuddles

Our Cherry Tree said...

He's recently started climbing up on things and shouting "get down, get down" before I can! I know I shouldn't laugh but I just can't keep a straight face sometimes.xx

Our Cherry Tree said...

It's just so funny sometimes, there really is nothing else I can do! xx

Clare said...

This is such a beautiful way to treasure childhood memories, I have a 22 month old and think I may start to do this for him.

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