More firework art!

Wow, last year this firework art post was one of the first I wrote from our new home. Lily had so much fun creating these pictures that I knew we'd be doing the same again this year. I have mixed it up a little though - we used a salt-painting technique that I found via Pinterest, we added more shiny things, more sparkle in the form of stickers and more mess!

I knew that this activity was going to be crazy and so it didn't bother me that much when glitter started flying around my dining room. With hindsight, I should have moved some of the washing that I was drying on the radiators, but oh well!

Lily and I worked on one together but she wasn't too impressed with my 'less is more' approach and was far happier once let loose on her own creation.

She liked throwing salt and glitter all over the paper and couldn't find enough sequins and spangles to stick on.

Ollie, as usual, had a different approach.

Yes, that is a whole pot of blue glitter. I would like to point out that I didn't freak out at all when this happened!

I wonder if I should start stockpiling glitter now, so that next year's creations can be even bigger and better?
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