Wycombe Museum - Medieval Fun Day

It's no secret, I am a bit of a geek. I love history, reading fantasy books, listening to film soundtracks and dressing up in beautiful dresses to watch some sword fighting.

However, between having no money and having two kids, there isn't much time left for my medieval re-enactment hobby. There are some bits that I don't miss - I don't like camping, I don't like wet weekends in the mud and I really don't like not showering every day but I would be lying if I said I didn't miss it because I do. A lot.

Most of all, I miss my friends. Which is why it was wonderful on Sunday to be able to go and see my group, The Lion Rampant perform at Wycombe Museum as part of their medieval open day.

The museum was renovated at the end of last year and this was my first visit back there since the changes. I was really surprised by how lovely the indoor cafe space was and it was hard to not spend money in the new gift shop which had some lovely little home gifts on offer.

They've also renovated their classroom area into learning zones and have increased the amount of activities they offer for all ages. I was really impressed at the breadth of events advertised.

But back to Sunday's festivities. The Lion Rampant performed a number of acts throughout the day, including archery, dancing, squire training and fighting and the Museum staff ran a number of other activities including a medieval dance workshop, weaving and story telling. Entry was free but there was an additional cost for some of the extra activities. As an added bonus, anyone dressed up received a free ice lolly in the cafe!

Ollie spent most of his time attempting to escape the grown-ups and climb into anywhere he wasn't meant to be but Lily enjoyed the story time best. The lady reading was wonderful, I could happily sit and listen to her reading myself.

My favourite part was the weaving. Lily started a piece and liked it but soon handed it to me to finish whilst she listened to the stories. It gave me the chance to chat with the museum staff member who was a very friendly expert in textiles.

I would have liked to attend the session on Illuminated Illustrations (£5) but had my hands full with the children. We did get the chance to try some authentic medieval food - marchpane and gyngerbrede provided by TastertainmenT. Marchpane is an early form of marzipan and medieval gyngerbrede was much sweeter than I thought it would be! The team were knowledgeable about the foods and have obviously carried out a lot of research.

It was a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon and I hope that the museum hosts another event next year. In the meantime I have added tons of dates to my diary and you can check out a full programme of events here. If they're as good as this one it is definitely worth a visit!

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