Our #Bepanthen Bedtime Challenge

Just before Lily was born I went shopping for all the 'necessities' a newborn could need. I bought sleepsuits, hats, vests, socks (pointless) and scratch mittens (even more pointless). I got bottles and formula (just in case) and I bought nappies, wipes and four, yes four, different brands of nappy cream.

Bombarded with advertising and well meaning advice articles, I couldn't work out what brand would be best, would really deliver what they said they would and keep my perfect little baby's delicate skin in tip top, unblemished condition.

Four years on, and I still have two of the original giant tubs I bought. I may fall on them for emergencies and my Nan swears on using one of them to get rid of zits, but I've never been a big fan of using them on my children's bottoms at changing time. In fact, I'm pretty sure that they should be chucked out for being out of date, I only put it off because I don't like waste.
Because when it comes to nappy creams, I found Bepanthen pretty early on and have stuck with it since.

And I know it's silly, because when I last ran out, I didn't buy anymore. Duh.

You see, unlike Lily (who must have had acid pee), Ollie has never really had a sore bottom and so I didn't worry about using products on him unnecessarily. Which sounds fair until he then got a nappy rash (bloody typical).

And that's when I turned to Bepanthen once again, in time for their #Bepanthen Bedtime Challenge. I was sent a 30g tube to try out, using it at bath time to prevent nappy rash. As a fan, I thought I knew a reasonable amount about the product but I was surprised to discover that Bepanthen is the 'only leading nappy care product' that meets all nine gold standards:

- Is clinically proven for babies delicate skin
- Enhances the natural protection of the skin
- Maintains optimum moisture levels
- No unnecessary ingredients
- Contains ingredients with documented safety and benefit
- Is free from potentially toxic ingredients
- Is free from potential sensitisers such as fragrances
- Contains no antiseptics of preservatives
- Is pleasant to use

Which all sounds great, doesn't it? Even so, I expected it to take a week or so before I saw any improvement in Ollie's skin. We've been applying it every night after bath time, before bed. It's tricky cause Ollie is that age where he doesn't like lying still for changing, he wriggles and attempts to escape so he can run around in the nude, laughing as I try to catch him before he wees all over the floor... 

Anyway, I digress. With Ollie doing his best escapee impression, I'm grateful that Bepanthen is really light and is quickly absorbed into the skin and after just four days of use his skin is noticeably better.

I'm grateful for this timely reminder that the best way to treat sore bottoms and nappy rash is to prevent it occurring in the first place. Your child will wear their nappy for the longest period at night and so putting in place a routine where you use a decent preventative cream will help protect their delicate skin.

This post is an entry for #BepanthenBedtimeChallenge, sponsored by Bepanthen. 
kateonthinice said...

Really good to hear how you got on. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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