Basic Weaving for Toddlers

After being shown how to do a very simple weaving activity at Wycombe Museum last Sunday, today I set up an activity for Lily so that she could do some more.

On the right you can see the piece we made with help at the museum and the card and wool on the left is a fresh frame for us to do another one. Any card will do and you can vary the width and length depending on what you feel like making.

So, you will need:
A piece of card
Some wool, or thread, or ribbons
A needle or safety pin to help with the threading part

I picked up a mixed bag of ribbons from Pound World.There were plenty of packs to choose from and they also had wool and different ribbon spools.

First, prep the card by cutting slips into the top. Then you can thread your wool on, starting on one corner and having straight lines on the front, you'll find that they zigzag at the back. Then you can choose your first piece of ribbon and tie it on. Once done, you're good to go by following a pattern of under, over, under, over. When you get to the end make you you have looped it over and go back the other way.

When you reach the end of one piece of ribbon/wool you can tie on another piece. The trick here is to try and poke the ends inside of the weaving so it doesn't show on the outside. I have no idea how the professionals do this but I didn't stress about it as Lily was happy with it and it's her project afterall!

Lily's colour choices were not what I would have picked but she was determined to pick colours that she thought her Aunty Louise would like. Some types of thread worked better than others and the trickiest bit for Lily was managing the safety pin we used for threading as it would sometimes get caught on the vertical threads.

Once finished, you can unwind the black threads (or cut them) from the card and tie them together at the ends to stop the rest from unraveling.

I'm not sure what to use this for (!) but I'm sure the same technique can be used for making lots of different house hold pieces. For now, I'm pinning one on Lily's notice board to display and the other will be sent off to Aunty 'Ouisey in the post.

Natasha Mairs - Serenity You said...

This is a great idea and something my kids would love to do. #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

Becky Wilkinson said...

What a great idea, my guys would love to this. Will remember this for half term! Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday sorry or the late comment

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