When things go wonky...

  • November 10, 2016
  • By Stephanie Kirsch

Most of the time I feel incredibly blessed to have my children. I love them more than I can ever describe.

And then, things like this happen...

I'm in the kitchen cooking dinner when Lily starts screeching from where she sits at the table colouring. Her go to noise of protest is a wail like an air raid siren...

"It's rubbish!!! RUBBISH!!!"

I sigh and go over,

"Calm down Lily, what's wrong?"

"It's all wrong! It's all wanky!"

"It's what?"

"Wanky! Wanky, wanky, WANKY!"

What on earth?! I know I'm no angel, but we don't *usually* use bad language in our home. We have so far avoided unfortunate toddler mimicry so this is out of the blue completely.

"Lily, take a deep breath and explain what is upsetting you"

"The pencil is out of the lines, it's gone all wobbly, like wanky"

Ah. That's it.

"You mean wonky? Like wobbly, wonky lines?"

"YES!!! That's what I said! Wonky!"

At which point I was overcome by a fit of giggles and she thinks I'm laughing at her, which I kind of am, but not for the reason she thinks...

And then my darling son does this:

And I hit that stage of hysteria where not even I'm sure if I'm laughing or crying but it's all just too much and I need to remind myself to breathe...

Someone bring wine!

Little Hearts, Big Love

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