We made... spoon puppets!

I had a bit of a shock today when I went to organise funds after being paid, only to discover that Matt's work hadn't paid him for the days off he had early last month when he was struck down by lurgy. It leaves us in debt this month before we've even started and so seriously curtails any activities I had planned.

I couldn't face a day indoors, I like to get out at least once a day to stop the walls from closing in on me. With that in mind, I still headed out and got the bus into town to visit Lilymae's Play Cafe. Once there, I was tight and only grabbed a cup of tea for myself and a toasted teacake for Lily. It wasn't as though I needed to buy any more and having no money helped me fight the temptation to eat cake.

Normally I quite like to wander around town on payday, maybe splash out on some Primarni or some clothes for the kids but instead, I headed straight back to the bus stop and only detoured for Wilkos to pick up these fabulously cheap wooden spoons for 30p each.

When we got home, Lily and I got straight to work.

These puppets are super easy. You don't just have to use pens and paper, you could clothe your puppets with scrap material, use yarn for hair or add googly eyes. I just grabbed what we had in the craft drawer(s) and let Lily loose.

When all was done, Ollie and I sat down for the show.

Keep an eye out on the blog this month for more thrifty kids craft, activities, meals and entertainment.


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