Hold him a little longer...

I'm finding that this quote really resonates with me at the moment, as I get to grips with the fact that I have a one year old son! The first year with Lily seemed to last forever, but I feel like the first year of Ollie's life has whizzed past.

Cuddle Fairy

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  1. Aww this is so sweet and I feel the same with my second (who was one on Valentines Day). It seems to have whizzed past and I look at him every day and think "you're so grown up"! Thanks for sharing on #candidcuddles

  2. This makes me tear up a little bit! The part about 'let him sleep on your shoulder' - my daughter has finally, at just turned 2, started sleeping pretty much all night every night in her own bed, and while I'm happy about it there is part of me that misses having her little body sleeping next to me in my bed! x #Candidcuddles

  3. What a touching & true quote! They are little for such a short time. When you are in that time it feels like it will never end & there can be some tough days. But before you know, your baby is 3! Well, that's the story in my house anyway :) #candidcuddles


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