Fetes, flapjacks, flowers and other reasons to be cheerful!

This week has been all about seeking the good in every day. Most days I haven't even had to look that hard. I've definitely been happier after adopting a more positive outlook.

Ollie is now back to normal, his waddling around melts my heart, it's like we can see the next layer of his personality blooming. He's got this cute little thing with putting hats on at the moment - he likes to put them on himself, even if he's already wearing one. He has also started insisting on feeding himself. It's messy but means I'm more likely to eat my own meal whilst it's still hot!

Saturday was amazing. A great day with friends at their village fete followed by a barn dance in the evening. One of those days when the memories will last far longer than the sunburn (Matt and I, not the kids!).

The other week I was lucky enough to win this beautiful bouquet of peonies by Blossoming Gifts thanks to the lovely Allie from The Friday Girl. I keep catching glimpses of them and I'm guaranteed to smile each and every time.

The countdown is on at work for the summer holidays. I wasn't that fussed about holidays when I took the job working at a school but we've been so very busy and the thought of a day and half a week to myself whilst the kids are at nursery is wonderful! It's my last day on Wednesday and I cannot wait for Friday morning when I'll have the house all to myself.

Lily has been wonderful. Yes, toddlers are hardwork and tantrums over a shoe lace poking out in the wrong direction is frustrating but my daughter is adorable. Truly adorable. Every single day is made better by a hug, a kiss and a little voice saying "I love you Mummy". Even her jokes, as awful as they are, can bring laughter. She is amazing.

I needed to find something else to bake. It's far too easy to just make the same old fairy cakes sometimes. So I dug out this quick recipe for flapjacks and then spent ages trying not to eat the lot! I may even make some more today and share the recipe later.

What are your plans for this week? Remember to make it a good one!

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