Love, laughter, laundry

I guess if any quote is going to summarise my home it would be this one.

Our home is certainly filled with love, it is full of laughter and the laundry that comes with having a family of four is a never-ending cycle of dirty clothes, wet clothes, drying clothes and clothes that need to be put away but never will be.

Apart from one glorious week this summer, I tend to have washing on the go continuously. I don't own a tumble dryer and so it all depends on how long the clothes take to dry. On hot days when the clothes can dry lazily in the sunshine my pile of dirty clothes can dwindle to nothing but for the rest of the year it often looks as though it is gaining mountainous proportions.

Now that Lily is at school and we have an expensive uniform to take care of, laundry has taken on a more urgent pressure. She can't go to school without a shirt or a pinafore and so I need to keep on top of everything and make sure important items don't get lost, languishing at the bottom of the pile that never sees daylight.

And this is where the love in our home comes into it's own. Because doing the laundry isn't down to just one person. It's a family job.

In fact, the children relish the opportunity to stuff clothes into the washing machine, turning the dial to 30 and pushing the right buttons to set it off. They'll help with sorting the clothing into matching hues and shades. They'll pass me sodden items ready for hanging.

All our dirty washing goes in the laundry bag in the dining room. At one point I kept the bag at the top of the stairs but found that I just ended up with multiple piles of clothes like multicoloured mole-hills in front of the machine anyway. At least this way it's (usually) all in one place.

*Convenient for when visitors come over and I quickly shove everything in the wash bags and then throw that in the bedroom and shut the door.*

I keep the tools of the trade in a caddy on my kitchen work-top. Stain removers, soap holders, softener and detergent are all in easy reach. As the washing is constantly on the go, there's no point hiding the important bits away. If you look carefully you might spot the toothbrush - it's pretty nifty for rubbing stain remover into tough spots (how's that for a top tip).

Unlike me and Daddy, the kids don't see doing the laundry as a chore - and I'm making the most of it. It isn't often that I can offload some responsibility and so I'll enjoy it in any form as long as I possibly can!

One responsibility I do take seriously is choosing the right products for both my family and the environment. It's not often that the two seem to match up. I need a product that's going to get the job done, fresh-smelling washing and sparkling whites. It needs to be gentle on a family who suffers from eczema and sensitive skin.

So I've been pleasantly surprised after a couple of weeks of trying out Ecover’s new Non-Bio Concentrated Laundry Detergent. It has a lovely smell of lavender and sandalwood which I love. It's perfect for bedding - I don't need much persuasion to jump into bed for a nap but it's nice to do it in sheets that smell so scrummy when they're clean!

Pioneering a greener clean since 1979, Ecover’s new Non-Bio formula is now even tougher on stains, but just as kind on sensitive skin and is now Mumsnet rated* with 89% of Mumsnet raters saying they would recommend to a friend - making it the perfect partner for all the family, as well as the planet.

Sounds great, right?

In the end though, the product has to do what it says on the label and Ecover's new Non-Bio definitely does this. I was worried for Lily's skin as it is sensitive and can flare up with the wrong product but after a couple of weeks of washing her uniform she seems to be doing well. The clothes smell lovely and fresh without an overpowering or sickly perfume and her white polo shirts are holding their own. It get's the thumbs (socks?!) up from Ollie and the rest of the family!

How big is the laundry pile in your home? Do you love it or hate it? Leave me a comment below, I'd love to hear from you!

This post is an entry for BritMums #EcoverLaundry Challenge, sponsored by Ecover
kateonthinice said...

Great to hear how you got on - commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

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