To the kid who called me fat today...

Today I didn't run very far. About 1.5k from my home to the end of the road.

I was proud that it was the furthest I'd gone without stopping or slowing. Maybe I could have gone further.

Just before I reached my home, you were sat on a bike with a small group of other kids, and as I came closer you pointed at me, laughed and said "fatty".

And I kept on going. I got home and did my cool down routine.

And then I cried.

Because let's face it. No one is ever going to enjoy being called fat.

I've got this horrible, sick feeling in my tummy right now.

I feel embarrassed.

I feel self-conscious.

I feel like a bit of an idiot.

I wasn't surprised. You didn't say anything to me that I haven't said to myself thousands of times before.

I'm 31 years old, I'm overweight and carrying a 'mummy tummy' from having two kids. I like to eat cake.

I've never enjoyed sport. I did some running whilst I was at secondary school (I even won the 800 metres once, unbelievable) but it wasn't something I loved so much that I wanted to do it after spraining my ankle and taking a while to get back to normal.

Since then, running hasn't been 'my thing'. At least, it wasn't until about a month ago when my little girl took part in a Junior Park Run.

Then I tried it with her. And I've taken up running some evenings. Not far, not fast but building up bit by bit you know? I want to be a good example to her, I want to be a Mum who is happy to have my photo taken with my kids.

6 weeks ago you wouldn't have budged me from the sofa, let alone see me run down the street. I had to go out and buy a proper pair of trainers! At first my 'runs' were more of an energetic waddle with breaks of gasping for air but I'm not too bad now.

When I got back and was upset, my daughter noticed. She was there when I told my husband what had happened and she was confused.

"My Mummy isn't fat."

Tonight, we read together as we always do. We read a chapter, prayed and had a cuddle. Just as I kissed her goodnight, she said.

"Well done on your run Mummy."

And that's why I'll put my trainers on tomorrow or the next day and run again. A bit further. A bit faster.

The next time I turn down a second slice of cake or order salad instead of chips I won't be thinking of you.

I don't need you to tell me I'm fat.

And I don't need you or your name-calling to motivate me into doing more.

I'm doing this for my kids. Hoping that as they grow they'll understand the effort, that they'll 'get it' when want to be the very best I can for them in more ways than one. Hoping that they'll see their Mum, see others running and it not even cross their mind to laugh at that person's size or body weight.

Let's face it. You won't read this blog - you're not a Mum, you're not interested in family activities, days out or how I feel about the massive responsibility heaped on my shoulders but a tiny part of me hopes that your Mum reads this blog and perhaps tells you about it. Or maybe someone else's Mum will reach out to their kids because of this post and remind them how unkind it is to call someone names, point and laugh.

So that the next time me, or someone just like me, goes out to run, we won't have to feel the way you made me feel today.

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Stephanie said...

Who raises kids like that? I would go looking for that kid's parents. Too many kids seem to think that kind of behavior is okay these days. Good for you for tuning into your own motivation. #dreamteam

Lucy At Home said...

Oh this made me so sad to read. It must be really hard not to take it to heart, but your words here are so right - you are inspiring your children and making changes for them. I have never been brave enough to go out running because I am not a runner and I am worried about what other people will say about me, so I applaud you for your bravery and determination. Keep going. #dreamteam

Unknown said...

Oh this is awful. Too many people (not just kids) make remarks like this because they think it makes them look cool in front of their mates, it doesn't, it makes you a d**k. Well done for finding your own inner strength and putting your kids and yourself first. Starting running is bloody hard, you're doing amazingly xx

Captured by Jade said...

Sorry to hear this happened to you - kids, particularly those gathered around with their friends, tend to say mean things because of how it makes them look, not necessarily because they believe or think that. I can see how and why this would affect you, but you're working hard for yourself and your family and that's such a wonderful thing. You've got this mama! #DreamTeam

Our Cherry Tree said...

I know! I hate the thought of my kids ever behaving that way to someone else. x

Our Cherry Tree said...

If they'd said it a few weeks ago when I was running for the first time I don't think I would ever do it again!

Our Cherry Tree said...

I think I was more surprised that it was a child! You can't really call them a name back either! x

Our Cherry Tree said...

Thank you! It's hard to stay motivated but I did go for a run yesterday! x

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry you had to experience that but the biggest well done for not letting him stop you. We have so many people who try and knock us down and keep us there but it's how we rise up again that counts. Your little girl who sees nothing but beauty and goodness in you is what matters so much more than a child who knows f*** all. Big hugs from one mum tum mama to another x #HumpDayLinky

Tubbs said...

Gosh, if I found out the Tubblet had made a comment like that, she'd be grounded for the duration. So rude! Well done for not letting the little whatmit discourage you and for keeping at it

Mom Of Two Little Girls said...

I hate this! I love your post, but I hate that the words of some ignorant little tw@t had the power to make you feel bad, even for a moment. You are amazing. You are a good mama! They are mean, nasty, and insconsiderate!
Keep going mama! You are doing much better than I am!

Lucy said...

Omg kids can be so so cruel. Sorry you experienced that. I'd have cried too, but well done for even getting out there! I need to do the same! #HumpDayLinky

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