Parenting Problems

We all had a late night last night. We actually went to a PARTY, can you believe it? We were social.

It was fabulous!

We headed up to our friends late afternoon, had a drink, a catch up and got ready for some fireworks at a local display. Walked down, did some 'Ooo-ing' and 'aah-ing' and walked back for more drinks and shenanigans involving a giant fitness ball and a human pyramid of small children.

Of course, by 'late' I mean that the whole Kirsch family was home by 10pm. But family fun time is measured in quality, not quantity.

Then, amazingly, this morning both children SLEPT IN.

Yep. It's a miracle. It got to 6:30am and all were snoring away in the Kirsch household.

Except me.

How is that fair? I was the one who was up twice feeding Ollie. I was shattered. I DESERVED the lie in but couldn't get back to sleep.

I shouldn't complain, I got to read, with no interruptions which was wonderful.

But I would have liked to sleep.

Time ticked away. All was quiet(ish). I ended the chapter and my eyelids began to droop.

Finally. A chance for a little snooze.

Then. Ollie woke up.

You knew it was coming didn't you?

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