One of 'those' days

You know those days where everything seems to go wrong.

That was today.

It all started early, with a grumpy bus driver who wouldn't stop at the right place.

It carried on when the shops didn't have the right items I was looking for.

Then Lily decided she needed to wee and I had to put all my shopping down and rush to another shop a few doors down so I could take her to the loo.

I gave up on running all the errands I needed to.

It rained when we got off the bus on our return journey.

Lily fell over and grazed her knee.

Lily was hungry and tired.

Ollie was hungry and tired.

I was hungry and tired.

But neither Lily or Ollie would sleep after lunch. And so I didn't sleep.

Or get the chance to do any housework.

During my disastrous shopping trip, I'd managed to convince myself that a convenience-straight-to-oven-chicken-breast-and-stuffing-thing would be easier than my usual buy-a-chicken-throw-it-on-an-oven-tray-and-cook method.

I was wrong.

For whatever reason, maybe getting used to a new oven, the damn chicken didn't cook through by the time everything else was cooked. Even after another half hour, it's still not bloody cooked.

It was late.

Lily was hungry again. Ollie was hungry again.

Both were screaming.

And so I gave up and served Lily a bowl of roast potatoes and vegetables for dinner. No chicken. No stuffing. And, to add to my Mum-guilt, I served it up in front of the television. Right in front of tv and so close to the screen that my Nan would've told me off and said Lily would get square eyes.

I know we all get days like this. I know tomorrow might be better. But right now, the Mum-guilt is taking over. I didn't do my afternoon craft activity with Lily. I haven't hung up the washing. I haven't unloaded the dishwasher.

I feel like I've failed today.

My only consolation?

At least Lily had her five-a-day. It really was an epic bowl of veg.

I'm off to recover (read and go to bed) - see you on the other side!
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