Kid's Crafty Christmas

  • December 05, 2016
  • By Stephanie Kirsch

I'm one of those apparently awful people who doesn't really 'do' Christmas cards. In the loft are over 40 from a few years ago that I wrote out but never got round to handing out or sending. In my defence, I think it was the year Lily was born and so my brain was frazzled from having a three-month old but really, I've not done a good job of sending cards for ages now.

The only cards I do send are ones made by the children for very close friends and family. I always plan something easy enough for Lily to do on her own so that they're really her creations and not something I've lovingly crafted and attempted to pass off as hers.

Last year we made snowman cards using fab stickers from Hobbycraft and so this year I returned there for more supplies. I picked up two packs of cute Christmas tree shaped cards, some gold washi tape and Christmas stickers before turning Lily and Ollie loose.

Christmas cards done, I picked up these Fingerprint Wreath Photo Frames from Yellow Moon at just £3.49 for six. Lily and Ollie had fun one morning with these and all I had to do was stick the bows on Ollie's attempts and clean up after. We'll pop one in with cards to Grandparents with a photo of Lily and Ollie.

It's not much but they're genuinely toddler and pre-schooler made! I know that an awful lot of thought went into them - Lily took ages making one especially for her cousin Ruby, with a different colour heart sticker for every member of Ruby's family. For Nana, she specifically chose stickers she thought Nana would love and for Aunty Louisey she added extra sparkle.

I'm looking forward to posting these out to our friends and family and hope they love receiving them as much as we loved making them!

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