Last week I co-hosted Candid Cuddles with the lovely Becky (aka Cuddle Fairy). It was great fun and I loved setting aside the time to visit everyone's posts - I was able to find some new people to follow too!

I usually try to link up a quote that has inspired me, or resonated with me that week but this week I thought I'd try something different.

My children are a huge part of what inspires me to keep going - they're also my main source of laughter and happiness. Of course, Ollie doesn't say much right now, but Lily is a proper little chatter box and comes out with some great little comments. I'm trying to save them all at the moment so I can remember them and here are a few of my favourites.

I did debate with myself about sharing this one, I wasn't sure how appropriate it is to think about my daughter using the word 'cock' even if it is incorrectly. But it made me laugh. So I hope it makes you laugh too!

Cuddle Fairy

Little Hearts, Big Love

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