Spring Walk Scavenger Hunt

I don't know what on earth is going on with the weather at the moment but I've given up on trying to predict what it's going to be like and I'm not letting an overcast sky put me off from heading out. I'd normally head into town early in the day and perhaps spend an hour or so at Lilymae's Play Cafe but, the problem is, they've now closed.


I miss them already. It was always lovely to pop in there and know that even if you're on your own, you'd still see a friendly face. The team there were great and over time I've begun to see them as my friends.

The good news is, they will (hopefully) be back again soon. In the meantime, I'm running on my own steam for a bit whilst also trying to avoid unnecessary (and pricey) bus trips to town for no reason.

So today, despite an unpromising start we headed out. Not for anything exciting. Nor even for a very long time. We took a sheet of paper and a pencil and went to see what we could find.

I'd written Lily a list of things to look out for, anything ranging from a litter bin to a bumblebee and it was actually more fun than I'd ever have imagined.

We literally walked around the block in a circle. For an adult it'd take hardly any time at all but for little legs and stops for tea and then swings it was an easy way to spend an hour and a bit.

We actually found everything on the list. I knew the route I was going to take and so I did include some sights I knew we'd see on the way, like the postbox and library, but others were a pleasant surprise - like all three cats we spotted and a butterfly just as we got home.

It helps that our area, despite it's reputation, is really quite pleasant. The latest addition to the neighbourhood is a community run cafe, Hills Cafe which is the perfect stop for a quick cup of tea for me and a little hot chocolate for Lily (complete with cream and marshmallows).

After our pit stop (and wee stop for the little madam) we walked the rest of the loop round the block and stopped off at the small-but-perfectly-formed play park on our road.

Today has proven that, despite being terribly cliched, simple things really are sometimes the best. Yep. Cheesy but true.

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